High school softball rosters

Roster for 2014-2015 Bentworth girls' varsity softball

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No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Year
Kramer, Jack COA
1 Dziak, Cheyenne IN Freshman
2 Smydo, Taylor OF Junior
3 Hawley, Morgan IN Sophomore
4 Lewis, Riley OF Junior
5 Hite, Casey IN Junior
6 Soukup, Apryh IN Freshman
7 Vickless, Morgan IN Junior
9 Shriner, Leah OF Sophomore
10 Kellerman, Hailey IN Freshman
11 Zgorliski, Autumn IN Sophomore
13 Marchezak, Grace OF Sophomore
14 Panley, Micaela IN Junior
17 Yates, Aubree OF Junior
18 Oshetsky, Danielle OF Junior
20 Watson, Chase IN Sophomore
24 Dziak, Cami IN Senior