High school softball rosters

Roster for 2009-2010 South Side Beaver girls' varsity softball

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No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Year
Waxler, Theresa COA
1 Gates, Amber P/IN Senior
3 Waxler, Ashlee IN Sophomore
4 Conti, Victoria OF Freshman
5 Walker, Courtney IN/OF Freshman
6 Doran, Mikala 2B Sophomore
7 Frasier, Allison P/IN Junior
10 Riggs, Carla OF Sophomore
11 Cipolla, Kylee C/IN Freshman
13 Lamont, Patricia SS Sophomore
15 Santillan, Sloane OF Freshman
16 Cunningham, Autumn 1B Sophomore
20 Sumpman, Brittany OF Junior
21 Gentile, Cassie IN/OF Sophomore
23 Tripp, Alexis P Freshman
25 Simmons, Heather OF Senior
27 Shiel, Madeline OF Sophomore
28 Thomas, Marla C Sophomore