High school softball rosters

Roster for 2015-2016 Riverview girls' varsity softball

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No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Year
Ashbaugh, Jim COA
2 Tibbens, Kamron OF Junior
3 Kenny-Howell, Carys P/INF Sophomore
4 Hornsby, Celaine OF Freshman
7 Buchser, Sadie C/OF Senior
8 Orbin, Alexa 2B Sophomore
11 Fiore, Christina OF Sophomore
16 Brockhoff, Bailey OF Senior
18 Mazur, Alaina OF Sophomore
22 Davis, Katelyn SS Freshman
23 Jendrosik, Allura OF Freshman
27 Acierno, Alivia 2B Sophomore
45 Lewis, Aubrey OF Freshman
55 Ashbaugh, Candice 1B Senior
97 Moran, Bethany CF Senior