High school softball rosters

Roster for 2011-2012 Belle Vernon girls' varsity softball

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No. Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Year
Rodriguez, Tom COA
0 Seman, Courtney 2B Senior
1 Coursin, Jenna IN/OF Freshman
2 Parzynski, Rachael OF Freshman
4 Lundy, Britany IN/OF Sophomore
5 Simsic, Sarah P/IN Freshman
6 Askin, Carley 3B Freshman
7 Francia, Gabriela IN/OF Freshman
8 Lynn, Kayleigh 2B Freshman
9 Bashada, Haley P Senior
10 Church, Natalie P/IN Freshman
11 Bashada, Natalie P/IN Junior
12 Seman, Ashley IN/OF Sophomore
13 Frederick, Emily OF Freshman
14 Gauden, Molly C Junior
15 Anna, Katie 1B Sophomore
16 Ellin, Alexis C/IN Sophomore
17 Hileman, Deanna P/IN Junior
18 Sullivan, Angela C/OF Sophomore
19 Faiola, Kaitlyn OF Freshman
20 Francia, Francesca IN/OF Freshman
21 Peer, Samantha OF Senior
22 Gilchrist, Kaylee OF Junior
24 Washowich, Lacey P/IN Freshman
25 Taylor, Mackenzie IN Sophomore
26 Gillock, Ashley 1B Freshman
29 Ashcraft, Nicole C Freshman