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Questions about circulation/delivery

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Questions about post-gazette.com

General questions

Questions about content

How can I find the recent sales of homes in the Pittsburgh area? Can I find them on post-gazette.com?
You can find real estate transactions in the print edition every Saturday. They are not available online.

I'm trying to find a story from today's paper but I can't find it on post-gazette.com. Why?
Generally only Pittsburgh Post-Gazette staff-written stories are published to post-gazette.com, and occasionally some Associated Press stories are, too. (You can find national Associated Press stories in our AP Wire section.) Check the byline from the print edition--if the story came from another newspaper, such as the Washington Post, you can check for it at that newspaper's Web site.

I'm trying to find a story that appeared in this Wednesday's PG North (or South, East, West, Washington or Westmoreland) section. I can't find it on post-gazette.com. Why?
At the present time, most content from our Wednesday regional items is not available on post-gazette.com.

Can I find weather information from a few days ago?
No. Our weather section is updated daily and each update replaces the previous content. Local radar is updated hourly.

Do you list marriage license applications and divorces granted on post-gazette.com?
Those are listed in Legal Notices and are available for six days, starting with the day of publication. There is no online archive. Divorces Filed are not listed.

How can I search for recipes on post-gazette.com?
Go to our food section and click on the recipes button. You'll go here, where you can browse or search recipes.

Questions about circulation/delivery

Can I sign up for home delivery to the Post-Gazette through post-gazette.com?
Yes. Click here to subscribe.

I have a question about home delivery.
For a list of frequently asked questions (and answers), click here.
To submit a question, click here.

Can I get a previous copy of the Post-Gazette?
Back copies of editions from the past eleven months are available. Click here to order.

Questions about advertising/classifieds

I'd like to advertise on post-gazette.com. Where can I get more information?
Click here to view our media kit and to find post-gazette.com sales contact information.

How can I ask question about retail advertising in the Post-Gazette?
Click here for a retail advertising contact form.

I'd like to place a classified ad in the Post-Gazette and on post-gazette.com. How do I do that?
Click here for information on placing a classified ad.

I'm trying to find a classified ad on your Web site that appeared in the paper three weeks ago. I don't have the printed paper anymore. Is there any way I can find it on post-gazette.com?
No--our classifieds stay on post-gazette.com for six days, with the exception of Celebrations (which stay up for two weeks) and classified obituaries (which currently are archived to early 2000). If you are looking for an ad from the past eleven months, you can order a back copy of that day's print edition by clicking here.

Can I find display or retail ads from the print edition on post-gazette.com?
Some, but not all, of those ads can be found in our marketplace section. Click here to go there.

Where do I find tickets for sporting events and concerts?
Click here to go to the Announcements section our our classifieds and check the Tickets category.

Questions about post-gazette.com

Can I submit a letter to the editor through post-gazette.com?
Yes. Go to this page for a form and instructions.

Can I submit a press release through post-gazette.com?
Yes. Click here to find the appropriate department that link to a form you can use. Press releases submitted through post-gazette.com must be entered into the "comments" area of the form--we cannot accept attached files such as Microsoft Word documents.

Do you have a printer-friendly version of your site?
Yes. On most pages of post-gazette.com. Click on the printer icon at the bottom of the page.

Can I e-mail a story to a friend?
Yes. On most pages of post-gazette.com. Click on the postcard icon at the bottom of the page. You can e-mail the article to ten addresses at a time by filling in the addresses on the story mailer page.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe/change my preferences for Headlines by E-mail?
You can do that by clicking here to go to the Headlines by E-mail page. If you'd like to subscribe, follow the instructions. If you're already a subscriber and would like to change your preferences or unsubscribe, follow that link. You'll need to enter your username and password before you can change your account.

How do I post a message to the Garden Forum?
First, you need to set up an account. Go to the front page of the forum--for example, the front page of the Garden Forum-- and click on "Create an Account".

Does post-gazette.com have a privacy policy?
Yes. Click here to read it.

How can I make post-gazette.com my home page?
Click here for instructions.

How do I read or sign a guest book for an classified obituary?
You will be able to do that as long as the classified obituary appeared within the last 30 days. Go to our home page and scroll down until you see the button on the left that says Guestbooks for Classified Obituaries. Click on it. Or, you can get there directly by going to clicking here. You'll be taken to a page where you can scroll through today's death notices, or use the search tool a little further down on the page where you can find the one you're looking for. Once you find it, click on the name. You'll then go to a page where there is the classified obituary, and there is a link on that page that says View/Sign Guestbook. Click on that and you'll find instructions for signing or viewing the guest book.

I entered something in an classified obituary guest book and I made a mistake (entered in the wrong guestbook, made a typo, etc.) How can I get it fixed?
Our classified obituary guest books are hosted by Legacy.com. They'll be able to help you. Send an e-mail to info@legacy.com and explain to them what you'd like to have corrected.

General questions

I'm researching my family's genealogy. How can the Post-Gazette help in my search?
Click here to read our Genealogy and Reference Information page.

I just got engaged and I'd like to place an announcement in the paper. How do I do that?
Click here for information on placing a Celebrations ad.

Where can I view engagements, weddings, births, birthdays and other "good news" announcements?
Click here to go to the Celebrations section of our classifieds.

Can I purchase a copy of a photo that appeared in the Post-Gazette?
If the photo was taken by a Post-Gazette photographer, yes. Click here for details and ordering instructions.

Can I republish a Post-Gazette story in my newsletter?
Click here for rules on republication permissions.

I saw an ad for an item in the PG Store. How can I place an order?
Click here to browse and shop the PG Store.

Where can I find out about the Newspapers in Education (NIE) program?
Click here for information on NIE.

How can I buy tickets to the Dapper Dan Dinner?
Contact our Community Affairs department at pgcharities @post-gazette.com or phone 412-263-3850.

What's the Web site address of the Post-Gazette Pavilion?
Here it is: www.post-gazettepavilion.com.