Pittsburgh, Pa.
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Susan Banks has been employed in the newspaper business for more than 20 years. Her real job at the Post-Gazette is TV listings editor. When she gets time, she writes the garden column "Clippings." She's been a passionate gardener since she and her husband bought their century-old home on the North Side 19 years ago. She is a Master Gardener who currently shares her plot with a Manchester terrier named Tugg, who has the uncanny ability to destroy the most expensive new plant on the lot. Besides being a Master Gardener, her qualifications for writing this column include an ongoing addiction to plants, and the fact that she's made every gardening mistake possible and yet continues to find the hobby fascinating.

She's a member of several area garden clubs, including the Allegheny Chapter of the American Rock Garden Society, The Pittsburgh Civic Garden Center, The Orchid Society of Western Pennsylvania, The Horticultural Society of Western Pennsylvania, and the Acorn Hill Garden Club. She's also member of several national and international groups, including the North American Rock Garden Society, The Scottish Rock Garden Club, the American Conifer Society, The Perennial Plant Association, and the Garden Writers of America.

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