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Suzanne Martinson

Cookies have wedding guests hearing bells
Without the personal touch, a wedding can feel like a catered business event. When Stephen and Rania Harris' daughter, Porter, was married July 30, Rania had every resource in her business, Rania's Catering, to have the cookies baked by her staff. (08/07/2005)

The goodbye girl
The advice was simple: Bloom where you're planted. (07/31/2005)

Flavor: Common-sense advice from the food editor
Here are my three parting words of advice: fight food fads. You don't have to take this advice on nutrition, although it will be my last. I am retiring and returning to my husband Ace's home state of Washington. (07/28/2005)

Home Cooking: Wedding Pillows are stuffed for sweet dreams at the table
One of the dangers of being a food editor is falling desperately in love. (07/24/2005)

Home Cooking: Public Approval / Wexford brothers carve out a New York restaurant niche
NEW YORK The horse-head sculpture made me feel right at home, but it was the Farmerie brothers who put me at ease at Public, their appealing restaurant in Nolita, so called because the area is north of Little Italy in Manhattan. (07/17/2005)

Home Cooking: A heaping helping of home helps as moving day looms
It may be quite a spell before my husband, Ace, and I make the 61/2-hour drive on the Ohio Turnpike, always turning north at Maumee to visit our family in Michigan. (07/10/2005)

Restaurant proves to be the ultimate family project
Westmoreland County Bell's Steak & Sea House gives a whole new meaning to the term "family restaurant." It is family-owned, with three generations working there, and it does welcome families. (07/03/2005)

Bunched birthdays call for a bunch of strawberries
It's funny how birthdays kind of bunch up on the calendar. My mother's and my husband, Ace's, are one day apart. My brother's and our first cousin's, ditto. Also, my sister's and another cousin's, plus a cousin's and my ex-husband's. Well, let's not go there. (06/26/2005)

Flavor: Dad was steady with the reins and with love
A dip will do ya Whole strawberries served with almost-guilt-free dips make a fresh low-calorie dessert or snack. (06/16/2005)

Before deciding on 'downer' beef, know its history
My husband, Ace, and I have been dining on a "downer" for several weeks now, and we've found that the fat-free beef from this particular crippled cow wasn't all it's cooked up to be. We're feeling fine, though. (06/12/2005)

All shook up: Salt is no substitute for sugar (06/05/2005)


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