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Sunday, August 03, 2003

By Suzanne Martinson, Post-Gazette Food Editor

If your family or community can agree on a single flavor, the great compromiser who invented it ought to run for president. Here's a sampling of ice cream creations, for now on paper only, from our neighborhood:

youwantsmoreno: peanut butter ice cream with chocolate peanut butter cups, graham crackers and mini marshmallows -- the Struss family.

Seattle Sludge: coffee ice cream with Oreo cookies and butter pecans -- Tim Mitzel.

Cherry Nut Log: eggnog ice cream with chocolate caramel cups, black cherries and almonds -- Diana McLean.

Caffeine Crazy: brandy espresso ice cream with chocolate covered toffee and almonds -- Tom Mazula.

Chocolate Acne: chocolate ice cream with black raspberry, chocolate peanut butter cups, coconut angel flakes and chocolate cashews -- Helen Hite.

Pam's Pink Peppermint Patty: premium white ice cream with peppermint pieces -- Pam Mayer.

Birthday Surprise: ice cream with cookie dough, "Birthday Cake" pieces and banana split -- Mike Soborowski.

Nananut Mellow: chocolate ice cream with banana, mini-marshmallows and walnuts -- Linda Mitzel.

Ice Cream Surprise: black raspberry ice cream with brownie pieces, maraschino cherries and chocolate cashews -- Karen Bachman.

Cherry Chessy Mello: black cherry ice cream with mini marshmallows, maraschino cherries and pistachios -- Gene Rindels.

Blueberry Banana Nut Crunch: blueberry ice cream with graham crackers, banana split and walnuts -- Kathy Rindels.

Don't ... Stop Ice Cream: brandy espresso ice cream with chocolate caramel cups, raisins and pistachios -- June Marcum.

Chocolate Spank: chocolate ice cream with rum flavoring, brownie pieces, coconut angel flakes and walnuts -- June Marcum (she's president of our neighborhood association, so she got to choose two).

Kid choices

Mini Marshmallow Mountain: chocolate ice cream with mini marshmallows, maraschino cherries and chocolate peanuts -- Emily Rindels.

Vanilla Pop Delite: vanilla ice cream with pop rock candy, maraschino cherries and almonds -- Amy Mitzel.

Colossal Chocolate Crash Sundae: chocolate ice cream with vanilla, brownie pieces and pop rock candy -- Ellen Bachman.

Chocolate Dough: chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie dough and chocolate peanut butter cup -- Sam Struss.

Choco Berry Nut: vanilla ice cream with cookie dough, chocolate chips, strawberries and praline pecans. -- Andrew Soborowski.

And one from our Food department: Nancy Anderson's Ginger Peachy: ginger-flavored ice cream with ginger candy, peaches and almonds.

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