Wilkinsburg Business District

Penn Avenue
Wilkinsburg, PA 15221 [ map ] [ website ]
Phone: 412-244-2900


Wilkinsburg is a suburb located right next to Pittsburgh, and was actually part of the city for a brief period in the 1870s. Wilkinsburg dates back to 1788 with the arrival of the first European settlers.

The town is named in honor of William Wilkins (1779-1865), a lawyer, jurist and politician who served in all three branches of the United States federal government.

It is 2.1 square miles and is also located at nine miles east of downtown Pittsburgh. Wilkinsburg is surrounded by the communities of Penn Hills to the north, Churchill and Forest Hills to the east, and Edgewood and Braddock Hills to the south.

The Wilkinsburg Business District has primarily small businesses and sometimes hosts outdoor community events.

Hours of operation

Varies per business.


There are public parking lots off of Penn Avenue, Wallace Avenue, Ross Street and South Avenue.

Bus routes that serve this area

  • 61A - East Pittsburgh - Wilkinsburg
  • 61B - Braddock - Swissvale
  • 67A - Monroeville
  • 67C - Laketon Road
  • 67E - Greensburg Pike
  • 68B - Blackridge - Laketon Express
  • 71C - Wilkinsburg - East Liberty
  • 71D - Hamilton
  • 79A - Blackridge
  • 79B - Penn Hills - Wilkinsburg
  • 86A - East Hills
  • EBA - East Busway All Stops
  • EBO - East Busway - Oakland
  • EBS - East Busway Short
  • EBX - East Busway Express
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