Montour Heights Country Club

1491 Coraopolis Heights Road
Moon, PA 15108 [ map ] [ website ]
Phone: 412-264-5950


Montour Heights Country Club, today located on the site of the beautiful McCune Estate, can be traced back to its beginning in 1911. Founded by a group of local residents, including John Robinson McCune III, father of the Charles L. McCune, they oversaw the construction of the nine-hole course in 1912. As a result of the boom created following World War I, the club expanded to 91.86 acres and developed the first clubhouse.

Shortly after the death of Charles Lockhart McCune in 1979, the Union National Bank, acting as executor to his estate, was approached by Montour Heights Country Club with regards to building a new Montour Heights Country Club on the site of the McCune home at 1491 Coraopolis Heights Road. On June 1, 1987, the doors to the new facility opened and the McCune Estate became the new Montour Heights Country Club, with 300 members.

All the original out buildings, along with the estate barn, caretakerís house, green house and vineyard remain along with a golf course.

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The club has its own parking facilities.

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