New Hazlett Theater

6 Allegheny Square East
Pittsburgh, PA 15212 [ map ] [ website ]
Phone: 412-320-4610


The Hazlett reopened in 2006 as the New Hazlett Theater, which was revived as a sophisticated and stimulating home to the performing arts thanks to elegant renovations by award-winning architects, Edge Studio.

The New Hazlett Theater, part of the same building as the North Side branch of the Carnegie Library, is located in a beautiful, historic stone building that was once the home of the Pittsburgh Public Theater. It was originially built in 1889 as the Carnegie Musical Hall and was dedicated by President Benjamin Harrison. Designed in a Richardson Romanesque style, which also housed one of the first Carnegie Free Libraries in the country.

The Hazlett Theater was re-named in 1980 in honor of Mr. Theodore L. Hazlett Jr., a prominent civic leader who was an enthusiastic supporter of the arts.

The Hazlett is part of the Allegheny Center complex.

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The museum is located in the Allegheny Center complex, and has a small parking lot next to the building.

Allegheny Center also has both underground and above ground parking facilities. For information, call (412) 323-4455.

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