Fort Mifflin

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Originally called Fort Island Battery and also known as Mud Island Fort, Fort Mifflin is the only Revolutionary War battlefield that remains completely intact.

Originally built in 1771 and continuously used by the U.S. Army for nearly two centuries, it has repeatedly played an important role in American and Pennsylvania history. The garrison at Fort Mifflin was ordered by General George Washington to hold off the British Navy so the Continental Army could make its way to their winter encampment at Valley Forge. While the Civil War raged, the Army used the fort to house Confederate prisoners of war and Union soldiers and civilians accused of breaking the law. During World War II, the Army stationed anti-aircraft guns at old Fort Mifflin to defend the nearby Fort Mifflin Naval Ammunition Storage Depot and the United States Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.

Today, people can tour Fort Mifflin's 14 authentic restored buildings and walk among some of the most beautiful flora and fauna along the Delaware River. These include the handsome hospital, a welcoming site for patients --- be they serving soldiers or imprisoned enemies --- with striking columns, porch and balcony. Another important building is Casement #11, were prisoners wrote graffiti inside the cell doors and walls and some people consider to be haunted.

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