Oakmont Parking Lot

12 Washington Avenue
Oakmont, PA 15139 [ map ]


Oakmont Parking Lot is a large, convenient space along the Allegheny River adjacent to the Dorminition Of The Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church.

Dating back to 1816, Oakmont is a small suburb of about 7,000 people northeast of Pittsburgh. It is home to many historic sites and examples of interesting architecture.

With an attractive and welcoming mix of contemporary and traditional styles, the Dorminition Of The Theotokos Greek Orthodox Church is named after a great feast called Dormition Of The Theotokos, which commemorates the death of the Theotokos (the title the Greek Orthodox give to Mary, the mother of Jesus).

Although a contemporary building, the exterior is built in the style traditional among Greek Orthodoxy with beautiful domes and bell towers that would not look out of place in Athens or Istanbul. The magnificent interior is decorated with traditional Byzantine iconography.

The parking lot is somethimes used for large events --- often tented --- including festivals.

Hours of operation

The parking lot is open 24 hours a day.


Free, on-site parking is available.

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