Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership

625 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222 [ map ] [ website ]
Phone: 412-566-4190


The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership (PDP) is the non-profit organization that manages downtown Pittsburgh's business improvement district.

Formed in 1994, their mission is to foster a clean, safe, accessible and vibrant downtown through a wide range of strategies; and advocate for actions that will strengthen the city, enhance its beauty and vitality and make it a better place for business and pleasure.

The PDP's offices are located on the fourth floor of the Ewart Building. Desgined by the noted architect Henry Hobson Richardson and opened in 1891, the Ewart was one of the country's first modern office buildings, combining Classical and Romantic styles. The building features round arches, intricate ornamental carvings, high roofs and rock-faced stone facades that are rough to the touch.

It was originally home to the wholesale grocers Samuel Ewart & Company and has another distinction: it was also one of the first American buildings to use electricity. The Ewart Building is listed on the National Register Of Historic Places.

The PDP sometimes holds workshops and receptions in it's offices.

Hours of operation

The offices are normally open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


A parking garage is located across the street on Liberty Avenue. For information, call (412) 391-1952.

Bus routes that serve this area

  • 11A - McKnight Road
  • 11C - Perry Highway
  • 11D - Perrysville Avenue
  • 11E - Fineview
  • 11F - West View
  • 13C - Perry Highway Express
  • 13F - West View Express
  • 13X - Perrysville Park-Ride
  • 16B - Brighton Road
  • 16F - City View
  • 17B - Avalon via Shadeland Avenue
  • 18B - Avalon - Shadeland Avenue Express
  • 1D - Mount Royal Boulevard
  • 1F - Millvale
  • 26E - Robinson
  • 28F - Forest Grove Express
  • 28G - Oakdale Express
  • 31D - Bridgeville via Washington Avenue
  • 33F - McDonald via Main Street Express
  • 42L - Library
  • 42S - South Hills Village via Beechview
  • 500 - Highland Park - Bellevue
  • 68A - Monroeville Express
  • 68F - Trafford Express
  • 6A - Troy Hill Road
  • 93A - Aspinwall - Cheswick Express
  • EBA - East Busway All Stops
  • EBO - East Busway - Oakland
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