Enoch Wright House

Venetia Road
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Built in 1815 by Enoch Wright, this interesting farmhouse is one of the oldest and historic homes in rural Washington County. It is now a museum operated by the Peters Creek Historical Society.

The Peters Creek Historical Society has been serving the expanding history-minded interests in the Finleyville and surrounding communities in Allegheny and Washington County since 1967.

The Enoch Wright House was designed for two families with a kitchen at each end. It was originally occupied by Enoch, his wife Rachel James, and possibly his mother on one side. Enoch and Rachelís only child, Rev. Joseph Wright, his wife, Catherine Hopkins, and their children lived on the other side of the house until about 1838.

Bricks for the house were formed and fired on site, as was commonly done years ago. The harder bricks were used on the exterior walls; the softer ones were used to construct the inside walls. When furnaces were installed, all twelve fireplaces in the house --- one in each room --- were covered and sealed closed to keep the precious heat from going up the chimneys. Several hearths have been re-opened since the house came into the possession of the Peters Creek Historical Society in 1976.

The society has created permanent exhibits in the house including a miniature coal mining display and a large collection of items that were used in area mines years ago. A display case in the upstairs hallway exhibits many Indian arrowheads that have been found in this area.

Hours of operation

Open Sunday afternoons April through October; tours by appointment.


Free, on-site parking is available.

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