Pennsylvania Game Lands 302

Route 711
Wind Ridge, PA 15380 [ map ] [ website ]
Phone: 724-852-5323


Pennsylvania State Gamelands 302 is part of a network of hunting and outdoor recreation areas that contains 1,084 acres and straddles the northwest border of Greene County.

During the spring, it is lush with varied wildflowers, including Virginia Bluebells, Sweet Williams, Trillium, Blue-eyed Mary, Trout Lilies, and Carolina Spring Beauties.

Game Lands 302 also contains an Audubon Important Bird Area (IBA). An IBA is a site that is part of a network of places recognized for their outstanding potential for bird conservation. The program was established to help reverse the declining trends in some bird species populations.

Enlow Fork is one of the few remaining areas of high quality river bottom forest. The area has noteworthy breeding populations of Cerulean, yellow-throated, and Kentucky warblers; Louisiana waterthrush, Acadian flycatcher, and summer tanager.

Hours of operation

Hours vary; call for information.


Parking facilities are available at various points in the game lands.

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