Borough of Bellevue
  • Incorporated: 1867
  • Size (sq. miles): 0.98
  • Population1: 8,770

Originally part of Pitt Township, it was formed in 1867. Part of the Depreciation Lands reserved for Revolutionary War veterans, Bellevue has the distinction of being incorporated only after young Frankie East was born. Frankie's birth gave the town a population of 300, the necessary prerequisite for residents to file a petition for incorporation with the Allegheny County Court of Quarter Sessions.

The first owners of the Depreciation Lands in what is now Bellevue were James Robinson and Hugh Henry Brackenridge. Robinson, for whom General Robinson Street is named, acquired his share in 1799 and operated a tavern and ferry on the North Side where PNC Park is now located. Brackenridge bought two tracts of land in 1792 -- 400 acres in Pine and 227.5 acres in Ross that became Bellevue.

In the mid-1800s, settlers around Bellevue tried to get improvements from Ross, but officials there were opposed to development along Venango Trail (Route 19) and ignored their pleas. The name Bellevue, which means "beautiful view," was suggested by J.J. East, a French scholar and linguist. The East home, on a terrace at Lincoln and Florence overlooking the Ohio River, is called the "Borough's Birthplace" because that's where Frankie East was born.

1 -- Source: 2000 U.S. Census