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Correction published 12/18/2013: Local News: Since Pennsylvania joined Mega Millions in 2010, the lottery game has generated $187.4 million for programs benefiting elderly Pennsylvanians. A story Tuesday about the current Mega Millions jackpot gave an incorrect amount.

Correction published 12/17/2013: Mysteries of the Mind: Retired Boston College professor David Karp has been diagnosed with depression. His diagnosis was misstated in a story Monday on antidepressants. Also, his book "Is It Me or My Meds?" was published in 2006.

Correction published 12/16/2013: Local News: A nun who was raped and beaten in Aliquippa on Friday is 85 years old. An incorrect age was reported Saturday and Sunday.

Correction published 12/16/2013: Mysteries of the Mind: Helen Mayberg began working on deep brain stimulation more than 10 years ago. A story on DBS Sunday cited an incorrect time frame. Also, the electrodes are aimed at the subgenual cingulate. The word "subgenual" was misspelled.

Correction published 12/6/2013: Page One: Ron Baillie and Ann Metzger, co-directors of Carnegie Science Center, are interim directors of Carnegie Museum of Natural History until the end of the year. Then, administrative oversight of the natural history museum will be provided by David Hillenbrand, interim president of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. The natural history museum's interim director and deputy director were identified incorrectly Nov. 28.

Correction published 12/5/2013: South Xtra: It was incorrectly reported last week that David Lorenzini, the winner of a Green Tree council seat, is a member of the borough's volunteer fire department.

Correction published 12/3/2013: Real Estate: In Sunday's real estate transfers, the estate of Howard Peirish transfer to Howard Peirish Jr., and the subsequent sale to Snaze Properties LLC took place in Venango, Butler County.

Correction published 12/1/2013: Page One: The reassessment of U.S. Steel property will cost Clairton schools about $415,621 in annual revenue. A story Saturday incorrectly reported a lower amount.

Correction published 12/1/2013: Obituaries: The memorial service for Jack Plowman is scheduled for 2 p.m. Dec. 7 at Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church. An obituary in Saturday's paper provided the wrong date for the service.

Correction published 11/30/2013: Sports: Steven Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning has 222 career goals in 390 NHL games. An incorrect goal total was included in the Penguins notebook in Friday's editions.

Correction published 11/28/2013: Local News: Yasha Breslov was featured in a photo Wednesday that showed him napping on a Port Authority bus. His first name was incorrect in the caption.

Correction published 11/28/2013: Page One: Mark Brentley Sr. is a member of the Pittsburgh Public Schools board. His last name was misspelled Wednesday in a story about the directors' voting session.

Correction published 11/27/2013: 

Correction published 11/27/2013: Portfolio: Architect Gerald Morosco described the old Allegheny Market House in Tuesday's Walkabout column. His quote was incorrectly attributed.

Correction published 11/25/2013: Opinion: The Nov. 24 "Issue One" letter "A Happier Time" omitted the letter writer's location. Carolyn Wilson lives in O'Hara.

Correction published 11/24/2013: National: Patrick Hallinan, executive director of Army National Military Cemeteries, stood beside ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith at President John F. Kennedy's grave on Friday at a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination. He was misidentified in a photo caption in Saturday's editions.

Correction published 11/23/2013: Page One: Nancy Dickerson began working as a correspondent for NBC in 1963. An essay in Friday's editions on Lyndon Johnson's transition to the presidency misidentified her network.

Correction published 11/22/2013: Arts & Entertainment: Undercroft Opera will perform "Norma" at 7 p.m. today and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday at the Seton Center, 1900 Pioneer Ave., Brookline. The time and address were incorrect in Thursday's Guide.

Correction published 11/22/2013: My Generation: There were several errors in an article Thursday by the Heinz History Center about the Pittsburgh Penguins back-to-back Stanley Cups. Paul Coffey and Tom Barrasso were part of the Penguins' roster in 1989-90. Bryan Trottier, Joe Mullen, Larry Murphy and Ron Francis joined the team during the 1990-91 season via trades or free agency. These years were given incorrectly. Rob Brown was traded to the Hartford Whalers during the 1990-91 season before the team entered the Stanley Cup Finals. Also, the Penguins scored 87 points in the 1991-92 regular season; the wrong total was given.

Correction published 11/22/2013: Varsity Xtra: The VarsityXtra section published Nov. 15 named Bishop Canevin's Ashley Grimm as the All-WPIAL Class A girls volleyball most valuable player. However, her teammate, Erin Cunningham, was the player who had been selected as the recipient of the award. ††† This error was made in the editing process of the Sports department and we apologize for the confusion and distress this has created. This was a very close decision between two outstanding volleyball players. So close that either one could have been named the MVP. ††† The All-WPIAL Class A girls volleyball team has been republished today in our VarsityXtra section. The Post-Gazette is now naming both Grimm and Cunningham co-MVPs. ††† And we regret the error.

Correction published 11/21/2013: Page One: Allegheny County Assistant District Attorney Robert Schupansky is the prosecutor in the Ken Konias homicide case. His last name was misspelled in a photo caption Wednesday.

Correction published 11/21/2013: Page One: Reps. Scott Petri of Bucks County and Will Tallman of Adams County are Republicans. Their political affiliation was incorrect in a story Wednesday about a vote in the state House on a transportation bill.

Correction published 11/21/2013: Local News: Anthony V. Cugini, who resigned last month from the top post of the National Energy Technology Laboratory, was indicted Tuesday by a federal grand jury. A story Wednesday had the wrong day for the indictment.

Correction published 11/21/2013: Arts & Entertainment: An article Wednesday about the film "Henry Hornbostel: In Architecture and Legacy" misspelled the name of screenwriter Greg Rempel.

Correction published 11/21/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The 1967 war fought between Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt, Jordan and Syria is commonly called the Six Day War. The name was given incorrectly in a story Wednesday about a new book on Israel.

Correction published 11/21/2013: Business: Josh McElhattan is managing director of StartBot. A Wednesday story identified him incorrectly.

Correction published 11/20/2013: Business: August Wilson's nephew, Paul Ellis Jr., has not donated property adjacent to the Hill District boyhood home of the playwright to the nonprofit Daisy Wilson Artist Community Inc., as indicated in a story Thursday about plans for a coffee shop. According to the Allegheny County real estate website, the adjacent building is owned by Mr. Ellis and August Wilson.

Correction published 11/16/2013: Business: The headline on a Friday story about the sale of Equitable Gas should have noted that the Public Utility Commission approved the sale of Equitable Gas to Peoples Natural Gas but that the sale still needs other regulatory approvals before it is finalized.

Correction published 11/15/2013: Local News: Four members of Pittsburgh City Council have indicated an interest in running for president in January. A headline Thursday had an incorrect number.

Correction published 11/14/2013: West Xtra: A Community Thanksgiving Dinner will be served at 5 p.m. Nov. 28 in Coraopolis United Methodist Church, 1205 Ridge Ave., Coraopolis. The church was miss identified last week in a story.

Correction published 11/13/2013: Page One: More than 10,000 soldiers were killed or wounded on Armistice Day, 1918. A headline on a story in Monday's editions incorrectly said that number died.

Correction published 11/13/2013: Portfolio: In Tuesday's "Walkabout" column, the date given for a literary reading in Braddock was incorrect. The event is from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday at Unsmoke Artspace, 1137 Braddock Ave.

Correction published 11/12/2013: Page One: Reed Stormer Jr. died Sept. 23. A story Sunday about the Library of Congress Veterans History Project reported an incorrect date of death. The story also misidentified him as Reed Stormer Sr.

Correction published 11/12/2013: National: Bud Shuster first won his Pennsylvania congressional seat in 1972 -- a seat now held by his son Bill. A story Monday about Republican seats that might be vulnerable in the 2014 primary election contained an incorrect date.

Correction published 11/12/2013: Sports: Some information in a Bowl Championship Series chart Monday was incorrect. A correct chart is in today's Sports section.

Correction published 11/8/2013: Election Results: Michele D. Cavalovitch won a two-year term as North Fayette auditor. Election results Wednesday were unclear about whether she won the seat. James T. Martin Jr. won a six-year term as North Fayette auditor.

Correction published 11/8/2013: Opinion: UPMC has a $50 million corporate jet. A Nov. 5 letter incorrectly stated its value.

Correction published 11/7/2013: Election Results: Unofficial results in Wilkins show Sylvia J. Martinelli and Mark E. Wells winning unopposed races for at-large commissioner. Wednesday's results indicated only one seat available.

Correction published 11/5/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The final dates for Off the Wall's "The Zero Hour" were incorrect in the 2do feature on Sunday. The play continues at 8 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Carnegie theater.

Correction published 11/1/2013: Page One: It took students at the Community Day School in Squirrel Hill 4 1/2 years to collect the 6 million pop tabs that were used to construct a memorial honoring the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust. A headline on a story Thursday gave an incorrect time frame. Also, the memorial is to be dedicated on Sunday; the caption accompanying a photograph of the memorial gave an incorrect day for the dedication.

Correction published 10/30/2013: Page One: Allegheny County Executive Jim Roddey was defeated after one term in office after he agreed to a court order to reassess Allegheny County. His successor, Dan Onorato, served eight years as county executive and completed that tenure at the end of 2011. He ran for governor in 2010. A story about leadership published on Sunday did not fully explain the circumstances of their departures.

Correction published 10/30/2013: Page One: A headline in Tuesday's editions incorrectly characterized the number of coal mines Consol Energy Inc. plans to sell to Murray Energy. Consol will sell five and retain seven mines.

Correction published 10/30/2013: Business: Steve Cotter, president of data gathering company Collected, demonstrated the product's functions during a pitch presentation at Alpha Lab's Demo Day and Technology Preview. A Sunday story said an individual representing another company conducted the demonstration.

Correction published 10/29/2013: Magazine & Health: The Simmons Center for ILD is hosting an educational seminar for sarcoidosis from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. An incorrect day was listed in Monday's Health Happenings.

Correction published 10/26/2013: Page One: Family Division Judge Kathryn M. Hens-Greco's title was incorrect in a story Friday about medications prescribed for foster children.

Correction published 10/25/2013: Local News: Charges of theft and receiving stolen property that a special grand jury returned against an Ohio woman are unrelated to the grand jury's ongoing investigation of the Steubenville rape case. A story Thursday did not clearly explain that the charges were separate.

Correction published 10/23/2013: Page One: DL Timothy Fullum is from Wilkinsburg. His residence was incorrect in a story Tuesday about a shooting by a police officer on the South Side.

Correction published 10/23/2013: Sports: The name of Quorteze Levy, a Washington High School football player who was ruled ineligible to play this season, forcing the team to forfeit victories and a berth in the WPIAL playoffs, was misspelled in Tuesday's editions.

Correction published 10/22/2013: Local News: Tammy Lowry-Gault is from Owings Mills, Md. A photo caption accompanying a story Monday about a vigil for a shooting victim incorrectly identified her hometown.

Correction published 10/18/2013: Local News: A story Wednesday about deer-vehicle collisions cited data compiled by State Farm for the year ended June 30, 2012. More recent data for the year ended June 30 of this year showed that Pennsylvania had nearly 115,000 deer-vehicle collisions (compared with 119,500 the year before) and a 1 in 77 chance that any given motorist would hit a deer. West Virginia drivers had the greatest chance of such collisions, at 1 in 41.

Correction published 10/18/2013: A Section: Tapes prosecutors obtained during the Watergate investigation pointed to President Richard Nixon's complicity in covering up crimes, not any complicity in the Watergate break-in itself. A story Thursday about a Watergate discussion in Washington incorrectly characterized what the tapes revealed.

Correction published 10/16/2013: Arts & Entertainment: David Pellow's last name was misspelled in Monday's review of the Pillow Project's "The Jazz Furnace."

Correction published 10/15/2013: Sports: A photo caption Saturday incorrectly identified Upper St. Clair football player J.J. Conn.

Correction published 10/11/2013: Page One: Marshall University student Joseph Galloway is 20. A story on the university's autism program Wednesday misstated his age.

Correction published 10/11/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The Dave Iglar Band is playing tonight at Cip's Sports Bar. A listing in Thursday's Weekend Guide had an incorrect day.

Correction published 10/10/2013: Page One: The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School paid attorney Robert Stewart $104,647 to defend its interests in a federal grand jury probe, and paid a total of $445,339 to lawyers representing itself, its founder, employees, a board member and two vendors. Incorrect figures were given in a story in Tuesday's editions.

Correction published 10/10/2013: Arts & Entertainment: Rosalind Plowright sang the role of Tatiana in the 1991 Pittsburgh Opera production of "Eugene Onegin." Her first name was incorrect in a photo caption Wednesday.

Correction published 10/9/2013: Arts & Entertainment: Comedian Mike Wysocki is still a regular guest on the WDVE-FM morning show. A People item in Tuesday's Magazine section incorrectly indicated his status with the show.

Correction published 10/9/2013: Business: A Tuesday story about corrosion found at the Beaver Valley Unit 1 nuclear plant incorrectly stated the thickness of the concrete containment structure. The concrete wall is 4.5 feet thick.

Correction published 10/9/2013: Opinion: Republican Sen. Ted Cruz represents Texas. The Oct. 8 editorial "Mad Hatter Time" incorrectly named another state.

Correction published 10/9/2013: Page One: UPMC has filed responses with Allegheny County for 194 of its 198 parcels exempt from taxes because of charitable status. A story Monday on the county's request that property owners justify their exemption, based on an earlier information request by the Post-Gazette, indicated UPMC had filed fewer responses.

Correction published 10/9/2013: Page One: In Monday's story about mental health training for police and district judges, the first name of Terry Carik, service coordination unit director for Pittsburgh Mercy Health System, was spelled incorrectly.

Correction published 10/8/2013: Arts & Entertainment: In a story about a redesign at The Andy Warhol Museum, incorrect attribution was given for photographs displayed in the main lobby: The photograph of Warhol on a red velvet sofa was taken by Bob Adelman, not William John Kennedy; Mr. Kennedy took the floor-to-ceiling photograph of Warhol holding an image of Marilyn Monroe. In addition, Truman Capote and Mick Jagger were not among the subjects of Warhol's "screen tests" at the Factory in the 1960s.

Correction published 10/8/2013: Diversity Matters: A story in Sunday's Post-Gazette omitted one funder of a Homewood program of PA Women Work. The Homewood class was funded through the Neighborhood Assistance Program tax credit by Duquesne Light and PNC Bank. The article also misstated a partner of PA Women Work. It is the YWCA.

Correction published 10/8/2013: Local: The Squirrel Hill Historical Society meets at 7:30 p.m. today at Church of the Redeemer, 5700 Forbes Ave. An incorrect day was listed Monday.

Correction published 10/8/2013: Health: The prescription weight-loss drug Belviq, approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on June 27, 2012, became available on June 7, 2013. Qsymia, another new weight-loss drug, received FDA approval July 17, 2012. Months of approval were transposed in a story Monday. As a clarification, Belviq, together with diet and exercise, was found to bring about a 3.0 percent to 3.7 percent additional weight loss compared to a regimen of only a reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity.

Correction published 10/4/2013: Business: State Reps. Dan Frankel and Jim Christiana represent House districts in Western Pennsylvania. The region of their districts was incorrect in a story Thursday about bills they are sponsoring concerning the ongoing UPMC-Highmark dispute.

Correction published 10/4/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The phone number for Dijlah in Lawrenceville is 412-224-2111. The number listed in Thursday's Munch column was incorrect.

Correction published 10/1/2013: Local: The Rev. Maureen Cross Bolden is associate minister at St. James AME Church in Larimer. Her title was incorrect in a news brief Sunday.

Correction published 10/1/2013: Local: A Sept. 22 story about the homicide of Fabian Nixon incorrectly listed the neighborhood where he was killed. The shooting occurred in Pittsburgh's Marshall-Shadeland neighborhood, on the border with Brighton Heights.

Correction published 9/28/2013: Portfolio: Tony Norman's column on Friday incorrectly stated that the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is the landlord of the ToonSeum.

Correction published 9/28/2013: Business: A story in Wednesday's paper gave incorrect information on investments in target date funds. According to the Washington, D.C.-based Investment Company Institute's 2013 fact book, there were 184 target date funds with $115 billion in assets in 2006. By 2012, there were 430 funds with $481 billion in assets.

Correction published 9/27/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The 2b theater company's "The God That Comes" Oct. 24-26 will be held at the Cabaret at Theater Square, 655 Penn Ave., Downtown. The site was incorrect in a Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts preview Thursday.

Correction published 9/26/2013: Local News: Allegheny County Councilwoman Barbara Daly Danko, D-Regent Square, has introduced a bill calling for a moratorium on natural gas drilling in county parks. A story Wednesday about possible coal mining in South Park misstated her position.

Correction published 9/25/2013: Local News: Clem Giancola III, 56, of North Huntingdon, died in a traffic accident Monday in Morgan, Greene County. His last name was incorrect in a news brief Tuesday.

Correction published 9/25/2013: Page One: Terry Mertz is a plumber in the North Hills. His last name was incorrect in a story Tuesday about flushable, pre-moistened wipes that foul sewer systems.

Correction published 9/21/2013: Page One: The name of Pirates spokesman Brian Warecki was misspelled in Friday's story about the Jolly Roger.

Correction published 9/21/2013: Business: A headline on a Friday story about shareholders of Cranberry teen clothing retailer rue21 voting to approve a sale of the company mischaracterized the status of the sale, which is not yet complete.

Correction published 9/20/2013: Page One: A one-bedroom apartment at the former Civic Arena site would cost $850 to $900 a month under affordability guidelines for a household earning 80 percent of the average median household income. The number of bedrooms was incorrect in a story in Thursday's edition about a proposed redevelopment at the site.

Correction published 9/19/2013: East Xtra: John Yakim is a pharmacist at Yakim's Compounding Pharmacy in Pitcairn. His role at the pharmacy was reported incorrectly last Thursday in a story about the Monroeville council meeting.

Correction published 9/17/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The Fall Arts Preview for dance on Thursday contained two errors. The Point Park University Conservatory Dance Company will not perform its "Jazz Nutcracker" this year. Also, the dates for its annual Byham Theater performance were incorrect. It is set for April 17-19.

Correction published 9/17/2013: Sports: Pitt linebacker Todd Thomas is a redshirt junior. His year of athletic eligibility was incorrect in a headline Monday.

Correction published 9/14/2013: Food & Flavor: The recipe published Thursday for Spicy Chai Coffeecake contains gluten. The headline incorrectly reported and the presentation incorrectly implied that the recipe was for a gluten-free coffeecake. In fact, the author had re-engineered the recipe for people who eat gluten, which was explained in the accompanying story. To make the coffeecake without gluten, substitute 1 1/2 cups of all-purpose gluten-free flour for the regular all-purpose flour listed in the recipe.

Correction published 9/14/2013: Health & Science: Neal Griebling of Mount Washington, interviewed for a story Monday on acupuncture for back pain relief, says he has received similar levels of relief from both acupuncture and trigger point therapy, provided by a chiropractor. The lower rating reported refers to other treatments.

Correction published 9/13/2013: East Xtra: Patti Ferari's telephone number is 412-372-8295. An incorrect number appeared in a story on the Monroeville Community Chorus.

Correction published 9/13/2013: Local News: Ryan Beal was the victim of a shooting Aug. 31 in Swissvale. Twice in a news brief published Thursday, another person was incorrectly identified as the victim. That man, David Edick, has been charged with the killing.

Correction published 9/12/2013: West Xtra: Erica Aires, a senior midfielder for the Hopewell High School girls soccer team, was misidentified in a photo caption in last week's edition.

Correction published 9/12/2013: South Xtra: Emma Hasco is a sophomore defender and returning starter for the Upper St. Clair High School girls soccer team. Her last name was misspelled last week.

Correction published 9/12/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The Pittsburgh Song Collaborative concert in PNC Recital Hall at Duquesne University's Mary Pappert School of Music, 600 Forbes Ave., Uptown, is Saturday. Sunday's 2Do column had the wrong day.

Correction published 9/12/2013: West Xtra: The tax-exempt status of Robert Morris University and tax-exempt status of a building RMU purchased on University Boulevard were not among issues discussed during a recent meeting with Moon officials. Also, the Pittsburgh Airport Holiday Inn purchased by the university was used to house students while operating as a hotel until July 15. Those issues were misstated in a story last week.

Correction published 6/6/2013: East Xtra: More than 16,000 miles of Pennsylvania waterways are classified as impaired. The article: "Cleaning waterways 1 paddle at a time" published in the May 30 edition of East had incorrect information.

Correction published 6/6/2013: South Xtra: More than 16,000 miles of Pennsylvania waterways are classified as impaired. The article: "Cleaning waterways 1 paddle at a time'' published in the May 30 edition of South had incorrect information.

Correction published 6/3/2013: Opinion: Sally Kalson's column on UPMC's outsourcing of 130 transcriptionists' jobs incorrectly stated that UPMC "pays no taxes." Although 86 percent of UPMC's $1.6 billion in real estate holdings in Allegheny County is tax-exempt, UPMC pays taxes on the rest, along with business, parking and other taxes. The hospital network says its annual taxes total $200 million.† Also, the column used a figure from a May 30 CBS News report, which said UPMC made $948 million in profit from 2011 to 2012. UPMC says that its profit was $221 million in the last fiscal year. The Post-Gazette reported last August that UPMC's profit was $351 million.

Correction published 6/2/2013: Home & Garden: Jeff and Michele Heil's daughters are 12, 11, and 5 years old. Mr. Heil is from Mars and Mrs. Heil is from Ligonier. Incorrect ages and hometowns were listed in a story Saturday about the family's home in Observatory Hill.

Correction published 6/1/2013: Business: Dick's Sporting Goods is asking people to visit its Facebook page to sign a petition to raise awareness for keeping wrestling in the Olympics. A brief on Wednesday incorrectly indicated that the Findlay retailer was encouraging donations to the cause.

Correction published 6/1/2013: Local News: Pittsburgh Public Schools board member Regina Holley voted in favor of the appointment of Alexander Herring Sr. as assistant to the superintendent for school transformation, Pittsburgh Westinghouse 6-12. A story Thursday listed her vote incorrectly.

Correction published 6/1/2013: Page One: Andrew Cornelius is a patent attorney who primarily works out of his own practice. An article Friday on a patent controversy listed only his occasional affiliation with another law firm.

Correction published 5/31/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The IHRA Suzuki Pittsburgh Nitro Jam will take place on Saturday at 7 p.m. at Pittsburgh Raceway Park. The Hot List incorrectly said the event was on Friday.

Correction published 5/30/2013: North Xtra: Teachers in the Shaler Area School District will get iPads to replace textbooks in 2014. The planned use of the iPads was incorrectly described in last week's story. Also, money from the Advancing Classroom Education program will be used to purchase 80 MacBook Pros. The number was incorrect. And, Kara Eckert is assistant to the superintendent and Bryan O'Black is director of curriculum and technology. Their titles were wrong.

Correction published 5/30/2013: Obituaries: A quotation by Jane Zirinsky Haskell was incorrect in her obituary published Wednesday. It should have read, "Without light there is no life."

Correction published 5/30/2013: Page One: Considered a factor in swimming-pool contamination, the average amount of fecal matter on people is 0.14 grams. The amount was overstated in the story Monday about U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warnings about pool water contamination.

Correction published 5/27/2013: Page One: Accompanying a story Saturday about repatriating the remains of Air Force Sgt. Louis Clever was a photo of the Clever family in 1968 in West Germany. The caption contained an incorrect location.

Correction published 5/27/2013: National: Bodies of one passenger and the pilot were found Friday in the crash of an Angel Flight plane in upstate New York. A second passenger was still missing. A brief in Sunday's editions incorrectly described the victims.

Correction published 5/27/2013: Sports: Gateway track-and-field athlete Julius Rivera qualified for the WPIAL championships last year but was unable to participate. A story Sunday on the PIAA meet mischaracterized his participation.

Correction published 5/26/2013: Primary '13: †Primary '13. A Wilkins Commissioner-at-Large race was omitted from the election coverage Thursday. The results are:††† Mark E. Wells: 376 ††† James W. Odenheimer: 152 ††† Write-in: 3 †††

Correction published 5/25/2013: Election Results: Scott P. Smith finished fourth among Democrats for nominations for the McKeesport Area school board. A different candidate was listed fourth in Thursday's editions.

Correction published 5/25/2013: Election Results: Raymond L. Chappell, winning Democratic candidate for Findlay supervisor in Tuesday's primary, received 204 votes. His vote total was wrong in Thursday's editions.

Correction published 5/24/2013: Primary '13: Three former Pittsburgh Public Schools teachers won both the Democratic and Republican nominations for a city school board seat in Tuesday's primary election. A story about the race Wednesday failed to mention that Cynthia Ann Falls, who ran unopposed on the Democratic and Republican tickets in District 7, is a former teacher.

Correction published 5/24/2013: Primary '13: Democrat Daniel A. McClain Jr. received 4,100 votes in the District 1 race for Allegheny County Council. An incorrect vote total appeared in Thursday's editions.

Correction published 5/24/2013: Page One: The American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5 includes a new category of diagnosis for disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, or DMDD. Childhood bipolar disorder continues to be included in diagnostic guidelines for adult bipolar disorder. An article in Tuesday's edition implied otherwise.

Correction published 5/24/2013: Page One: The U.S. Postal Service provided information about a Civil War photo of three Confederate soldiers. A story Thursday about the Postal Service's release of stamps commemorating battles at Gettysburg and Vicksburg, Miss., incorrectly said another entity provided the information.

Correction published 5/24/2013: Local News: A National Academy of Sciences workshop on risks associated with shale gas drilling operations nationwide will be held May 30-31 in Washington, D.C. A story in Thursday's paper contained incorrect dates.

Correction published 5/23/2013: North Xtra: Dave Morris teaches advanced placement English 3 to juniors at North Allegheny High School. His job description was incorrect in a story last week.

Correction published 5/23/2013: North Xtra: The Fox Chapel Area school board budget information session at 7 p.m. June 6 will be in the high school large group instruction room. The location was incorrect in last week's North school news.

Correction published 5/23/2013: East Xtra: The name of Eugene David, a student in the Wolverine Promise program in the Woodland Hills School District, was misspelled in a May 16 article on the program.

Correction published 5/23/2013: West Xtra: The first name of Cornell school board President Jeff McBain was incorrect in a West story last week.

Correction published 5/23/2013: Primary 2013: Republicans Samuel Hurst of Brookline and Mordecai Treblow of Squirrel Hill ran in Pittsburgh City Council Districts 4 and 8 in the Tuesday primary and will face off against the Democratic primary winners in November. A council election story Wednesday was incorrect in summarizing the Republican side of the races.

Correction published 5/23/2013: Portfolio: The email address for John Reddick, the author of Wednesday's "Raves" essay, is The address was listed incorrectly at the end of the essay.

Correction published 5/22/2013: Local News: VicNor Sod Farms of Connoquenessing installed sod Monday at Point State Park. The name of the business was incorrect in a photo caption in Tuesday's editions.

Correction published 5/21/2013: Business: John R. Janoso Jr. is president and CEO of Sharon Regional Health System in Mercer County. A story in the May 16 "In The Lead" special section reported an incorrect name for the health system.

Correction published 5/19/2013: Portfolio: The last three words were inadvertently cut from a story Saturday about Margot Woelk, who served as Adolf Hitler's food taster. The last sentence should read: "There she was drafted into civilian service and assigned for the next 2 1/2 years as a food taster and kitchen bookkeeper at the Wolf's Lair complex, located a few miles outside the town."

Correction published 5/18/2013: Page One: Mark Richardson is a neurosurgeon. A photo caption accompanying a story March 17 about Shadyside chef Toni Pais' treatment for Parkinson's disease misidentified Dr. Richardson's specialty.

Correction published 5/18/2013: North Xtra: The Fox Chapel Area school board will conduct a budget information session at 7 p.m. June 6 in the large group instruction room at Fox Chapel Area High School. A story Thursday gave an incorrect location.

Correction published 5/18/2013: Opinion: The letter "Reject Wagner" by Malke Frank of Squirrel Hill was in support of mayoral candidate Bill Peduto. A sentence with that information was omitted from the letter published Friday.

Correction published 5/18/2013: Arts & Entertainment: Comedian Darren Carter will appear at 8 p.m. tonight at Latitude 40 in North Fayette. An incorrect performer and time appeared in Thursday's Guide. Also, the Sunday appearance of the Jazz Conspiracy Swingtet at Jergel's in Marshall has been canceled.

Correction published 5/17/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The Karen Prunzik's Broadway Performing Arts dance recital on June 7-8 will be held at the Andrew Carnegie Free Library and Music Hall in Carnegie. A wrong location was given in a round-up of dance recitals in Wednesday's paper.

Correction published 5/17/2013: Arts & Entertainment: Jawbone purchased BodyMedia for a reported $100 million. A wrong figure was given in a story about wearable tech fashion on Wednesday.

Correction published 5/17/2013: Arts & Entertainment: Avenue B is located in Shadyside. An incorrect location was given in a Little Bites restaurant item Thursday.

Correction published 5/17/2013: Local News: The headline on a story Thursday about a cat that was returned to its 8-year-old owner incorrectly said the cat had been stolen. Police say it was reported stolen, but that has not been proven.

Correction published 5/16/2013: Local News: A news brief Tuesday gave inaccurate information about a museum display that honors Marine Lance Cpl. William Raymond Prom, who won the Medal of Honor. Prom's picture and military medals are on display at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum in Oakland. On Monday the state Senate voted unanimously to name the 31st Street Bridge in honor of Prom, who was killed in Vietnam in 1969.

Correction published 5/16/2013: Local News: Pittsburgh police Officer Mark Rush is one of the defendants in a lawsuit in which a Beaver County man claims he was beaten at a South Side bar in May 2012. A news brief Wednesday about the lawsuit contained an incorrect police rank and first name for Officer Rush.

Correction published 5/14/2013: Local News: Attorney Philip J. "PJ" Murray, a candidate for the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas, was rated as recommended by the Allegheny County Bar Association. A story in Monday's editions contained an incorrect judicial rating.

Correction published 5/11/2013: Arts & Entertainment: A commentary Friday on the novel "The Great Gatsby" incorrectly named the area where the old-money "true American aristocracy" live. They live in East Egg, not West Egg, which is where the character Jay Gatsby lived.

Correction published 5/11/2013: East Xtra: A listing for a meeting of Symphony East published in Eastscape contained several errors. Families of home-schooled children are not invited. The reservation deadline for this luncheon meeting is Monday and reservations may be made by calling 724-327-6842.

Correction published 5/10/2013: Obituaries: Herman Kamin Sr. founded Kamin Realty in Shadyside and was the father of Herman "Chip" Kamin, whose obituary Thursday incorrectly identified the company's founder.

Correction published 5/10/2013: Local News: Julie Cullen of Erie was featured in a photo Thursday taken in the neonatal intensive care unit at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. Her first name was incorrect in the photo caption.

Correction published 5/10/2013: National: Iowa has a law permitting gay marriage. A national brief Thursday incorrectly said Minnesota was about to become the first state in the Midwest to pass such a law.

Correction published 5/9/2013: North Xtra: Mike McMullen ran unsuccessfully for nomination for a seat on Hampton council in 2011. A story last Thursday on his primary election bid for Allegheny County Council's District 3 incorrectly reported that this was his first run for elective office.

Correction published 5/7/2013: Pittsburgh Marathon: A photo caption with marathon coverage Monday incorrectly said a man was celebrating Cinco de Mayo on Penn Avenue in the Strip District. The man, dressed in traditional Filipino garb, was part of a cheer group organized by the Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh.

Correction published 5/7/2013: City Calendar: The Yom Yerushalayim concert at Congregation Shaare Torah in Squirrel Hill will be held on Wednesday at 7 p.m. The date that appeared in Monday's edition was incorrect.

Correction published 5/4/2013: A-Section: A teenager accused of poisoning his rival with cyanide lived in Maryland. An incorrect state was listed in a story on cyanide Friday.

Correction published 5/3/2013: Sports: The last name of John Tavares of the New York Islanders was misspelled in a headline on a Penguins story in Thursday's editions.

Correction published 5/1/2013: Portfolio: ACTION-Housing's demonstration "green" house in East Liberty is a public model for how to make energy-efficient alterations in old homes. It was incorrectly described in the Walkabout column Tuesday.

Correction published 4/30/2013: Page One: In a graphic accompanying a Sunday story about the teaching of evolution in schools, the color key for the Gallup Poll bar graph should indicate that black, the darkest shade, represents the response "God created humans in present form." The lightest shade represents "Humans evolved, with God guiding." The medium shade represents "Humans evolved, but God had no part in process."

Correction published 4/27/2013: Page One: Chief U.S. District Judge Gary Lancaster enrolled at Slippery Rock State College in 1967 and graduated in 1971. His obituary Friday reported an incorrect date for his graduation.

Correction published 4/27/2013: Arts & Entertainment: Public broadcast station WVIA is in the Scranton area in Eastern Pennsylvania. An incorrect location was given Friday in a story about new strategies at WQED.

Correction published 4/27/2013: Sports: The answer to Thursday's Sports Trivia question should have included quarterback Steve Fuller. The Kansas City Chiefs had two first-round picks in 1979 and used their second No. 1 on him.

Correction published 4/25/2013: Obituaries: Claudia Gallant's last name was incorrect in two references in her news obituary Wednesday. A corrected version of the obituary can be found at

Correction published 4/23/2013: Local News: Sunday's story about a lawsuit against the Veterans Affairs health system over the death of John Ciarolla did not provide a full quote from attorney John Zervanos. In the passage that begins, "But they did not give him the right antibiotics," the following sentence should have been included: "His best chance of survival was if he had been on the right drug all of the time after he contracted Legionnaires, and we believe if he had been on the drug with consistent doses he would have lived."

Correction published 4/21/2013: Local News: Authorities in North Huntingdon say they believe Franklin Hutchison killed his wife, Hazel Hutchison, and his son, William, in a double-murder suicide that occurred on Tuesday. A story on Saturday incorrectly identified the son as the shooter and had an incorrect last name for the woman.

Correction published 4/20/2013: North Xtra: An article Thursday about a collection today of hard-to-recycle items at the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills in Frazer listed some items that will not be accepted. These items will be accepted at no charge: computers, televisions, cell phones, printer toner cartridges, compact fluorescent lights, EPS packaging foam (marked No. 6) and polystyrene. These items will be accepted for a fee: paper for shredding, alkaline batteries, fluorescent tubes, specialty lights and small appliances containing Freon.

Correction published 4/19/2013: Sports: Three Steelers wide receivers (Lynn Swann, Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes) have won the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award. A story Thursday about the team's history of drafting wide receivers gave an incorrect number.

Correction published 4/19/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The charge for the ballroom dance to be held tonight at Orchard Hill Church in Franklin Park is $15. An incorrect price was published in Thursday's Guide.

Correction published 4/19/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The number to call for information for the Art Sherrod Jr. concert is 412-567-2804. An incorrect number was listed Thursday.

Correction published 4/19/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The singles dance Saturday at the Mars VFW in Adams will begin at 7 p.m., with a lesson given at 6 p.m. Incorrect times were listed in Thursday's Guide.

Correction published 4/18/2013: West Xtra: The Knights Templar Motorcycle Charity Organization will sponsor a benefit motorcycle ride June 22. Afterward, the motorcyclists will meet at Castaways Outside Inn, 608 Washington Ave., Bridgeville. The organization's name and the location of the event afterward were incorrect in last week's story.

Correction published 4/17/2013: Health: The Celebration of Life Memorial Service scheduled for Saturday at Bidwell Presbyterian Church and listed in Monday's health events calendar has been canceled.

Correction published 4/17/2013: City Calendar: The computer recycling program in Shadyside will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday. The start time in Monday's editions was incorrect.

Correction published 4/17/2013: Opinion: An editing change in the first sentence of Richard Matthews' April 10 letter caused confusion about his viewpoint on the House bill to privatize liquor sales. As was clear in the rest of the letter, Mr. Matthews opposes the bill.

Correction published 4/17/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The website for the broadcast section of WQED's "iQ: smartmedia" project is A story Tuesday published an incorrect address.

Correction published 4/17/2013: Sports: Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders will become an unrestricted free agent in March 2014. An article Tuesday reported an incorrect date.

Correction published 4/16/2013: Page One: The South Side establishment S Bar was sold in December 2011 and is no longer associated with Phillip Alan Scott or Gabriel S. Fontana. An article published Monday incorrectly suggested that the two continue to be involved with S Bar.

Correction published 4/15/2013: Local News: Robert "Butch" Burke helps raise money at an annual golf outing for Sharing and Caring, an organization that hosts a river cruise for disabled veterans, as part of his volunteer activities that led to his selection as finalist for Most Outstanding Volunteer in the Jefferson Awards for Public Service program. His role was mischaracterized in a story Sunday about the six finalists.

Correction published 4/13/2013: Arts & Entertainment: A story Friday about Jackie Robinson's visits to Pittsburgh misspelled the name of ABC-TV broadcaster Malvin "Mal" Goode.

Correction published 4/12/2013: Letters to the Editor: Federal spending for fiscal 2013 is $265 billion higher than for 2012. Due to an editing error, a letter Wednesday on the sequester contained an incorrect figure.

Correction published 4/12/2013: Letters to the Editor: Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania tallied the number of grants awarded by the National Institutes of Health from 1973 to 2012 to study cholera, diphtheria, polio, rabies and firearm injuries. A letter Thursday about insufficient research on gun violence cited an incorrect source.

Correction published 4/11/2013: Sports: A photo on page C-6 of the Frozen Four special section Wednesday was incorrectly identified as being Yale hockey player Jesse Root.

Correction published 4/10/2013: Business: Green Light Wireless will be offering dedicated Internet service for medical personnel and officials, as well as free Wi-Fi service in Point State Park, for the Pittsburgh Marathon. A story in Sunday's editions incorrectly described the service the company would be providing.

Correction published 4/10/2013: Page One: In Tuesday's story on gun control, a quote from Chris W. Cox, executive director of the National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action, was taken from a news release put out by the NRA, not by the law enforcement website The organizations are not affiliated, but the NRA release centered on data from a survey conducted by PoliceOne.

Correction published 4/10/2013: Page One: Jack Kemp was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. In Tuesday's story about Margaret Thatcher's visit to Pittsburgh, he was incorrectly identified as a U.S. senator. Also, he was U.S. secretary of housing and urban development at the time of his meeting with Mrs. Thatcher in 1990.

Correction published 4/10/2013: Portfolio: In his Tuesday column, Tony Norman gave the incorrect denomination for the Rev. Joe Morecraft of Chalcedon Presbyterian Church in Georgia. The full name of his denomination is the Reformed Presbyterian Church in the United States, which is separate from a larger and international denomination called Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Correction published 4/9/2013: Local News: The Squirrel Hill Tunnel will be closed outbound April 19-22. A story Monday about the closure contained a wrong date.

Correction published 4/6/2013: Page One: An article and map about emerald ash borer infestation in Pennsylvania trees that ran on March 30 incorrectly listed Chester and Berks counties among those where the insects have been found.

Correction published 4/5/2013: South: A craft vendor fair to benefit Dove Bright of Indiana, Pa., will be held May 11 in Finleyville. A caption for a photo accompanying a story Thursday reported an incorrect date.

Correction published 4/5/2013: South: The topic of an April 25 gardening class at the Jefferson Hills Municipal Center is container gardening. An event listing published Thursday in Southscape listed the wrong topic.

Correction published 4/5/2013: Opinion: The Mt. Lebanon School District did not cut back on recess, extend the school day or reduce such services as nursing and counseling to make room for PSSA or other standardized tests. An opinion article published Sunday, "Why I Won't Let My Son Take the PSSA," asserted that it had.

Correction published 4/5/2013: Inside A: The next Pittsburgh mayoral debate is at 1 p.m. Saturday at Pittsburgh Obama school in East Liberty. A story Thursday reported an incorrect time.

Correction published 4/5/2013: Sports: Brian Banks, who signed a contract Wednesday with the Atlanta Falcons, was exonerated of a rape conviction by the California courts in 2012 after his accuser recanted her claim. Mr. Banks' record being cleared was omitted from a brief in Thursday's editions.

Correction published 4/4/2013: Portfolio: Bill McKinley of West Deer was the writer of Wednesday's "Softball Lore" essay about playing against a Western Penitentiary team. His name was inadvertently omitted from the top of the essay.

Correction published 4/4/2013: Arts & Entertainment: A story Tuesday on Estee Lauder "Mad Men" cosmetics included incorrect product descriptions and prices. The lipstick is $30 and the blush is $50. For details, visit

Correction published 4/3/2013: Local News: A preliminary hearing for Beaver County Sheriff George David was postponed Monday and rescheduled. A headline on a story Tuesday about the delay incorrectly said his trial had been postponed. No trial has been scheduled on charges that he threatened two people.

Correction published 4/3/2013: Business: An article Tuesday on economic development projects gave the wrong month for the most recent economic data for the region. That month was January.

Correction published 4/2/2013: Opinion: The state requires schools administering the PSSAs, the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment tests, to remove from view posters and other materials that could provide test answers. State law does not require that hallways be stripped bare, as asserted in an essay on the PSSAs that appeared Sunday.

Correction published 4/1/2013: Arts & Entertainment: A website was incorrect in the section dedicated to Larry C. Kerr's book "The Hunley" in Sunday's Briefing Books article. The correct website is:

Correction published 3/29/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The name of Shamari Nevels, who placed third in the August Wilson Monologue Competition, was misspelled in a story and photo caption Wednesday.

Correction published 3/29/2013: Sports: Montreal defeated Boston in an NHL game Wednesday night. A headline in Thursday's editions gave an incorrect winning team.

Correction published 3/27/2013: Business: Tuesday's story on U.S. Steel gave an incorrect figure for the results of its steel plant in Slovakia. The company reported operating income of $51 million in 2012 and $44 million in 2011.

Correction published 3/27/2013: Page One: US Airways did not use $12.5 million in government loans offered as part of an incentive package to build a new operations control center in Moon. The airline did not qualify for the loans and used its own money to finance that portion, a spokesman said. A story Tuesday incorrectly said the loans were part of the financing for the center.

Correction published 3/26/2013: Page One: Sabrina Polites is a letter carrier in Greene County. The name of the county was misspelled in a story Monday about a rally to save Saturday mail delivery.

Correction published 3/26/2013: Sports: A story in Saturday's editions listed an incorrect high school for Penn State wrestler Nico Megaludis. He attended Franklin Regional High School. A story in Sunday's editions incorrectly reported where Pitt wrestler Max Thomusseit finished at 285 pounds in the NCAA wrestling championships. He finished fifth. Also on Sunday, a story identified an incorrect conference for Clemson University. Clemson is in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Correction published 3/25/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The "Book of Mormon" opened on Broadway on March 24, 2011. An incorrect year was reported Sunday in the cover story of Sunday Magazine.

Correction published 3/25/2013: Arts & Entertainment: Guest pianist Emanuel Ax performed Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 25 on Friday with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. The concerto's number was incorrect in Saturday's editions.

Correction published 3/23/2013: Sports: Latrobe will play Parkland High School of Allentown at 1:30 p.m. today at the Ice Works in Aston, Delaware County, for the Pennsylvania High School Class AA Hockey Championship. An incorrect opponent was listed for Latrobe in a report in Friday's Varsity Xtra section.

Correction published 3/22/2013: Magazine & Health: A study of high school athletes participating in a concussion study, reported March 4, involved athletes in several contact sports. The story said players from only one sport were examined.

Correction published 3/22/2013: Page One: North Allegheny Senior High School's Christine Palmieri was recruited by Seton Hill lacrosse coach Kristina Quigley to play at the university in Greensburg. The student's first name was incorrect in a story Thursday about an online appeal honoring Mrs. Quigley, who was killed in a bus accident Saturday.

Correction published 3/22/2013: Food & Flavor: Wood artist John Metzler died in May 2010. The Fresh Finds column Thursday about artisan wood cutting boards incorrectly stated when he died.

Correction published 3/15/2013: Local News: The Pittsburgh area has grown in net population for three years. A headline Thursday had an incorrect number of years.

Correction published 3/15/2013: Arts & Entertainment: Guaranteed Irish is not performing Saturday at Claddagh Pittsburgh, but is playing at Mullaney's Harp & Fiddle. A listing Thursday had the band in two places at once.

Correction published 3/15/2013: Inside A: Loretto, in Cambria County and the home of St. Francis University, is east of Pittsburgh. A story Thursday about Pope Francis incorrectly said the university was west of the city.

Correction published 3/14/2013: Local News: Pittsburgh school board member Thomas Sumpter of District 3 represents the neighborhoods Crawford-Roberts, Middle Hill, Terrace Village, West Oakland, North Oakland, Bloomfield, Garfield, Friendship and East Liberty. A story Wednesday incorrectly listed the neighborhoods.

Correction published 3/14/2013: Obituaries: An obituary for Donna Hollen Bolmgren that appeared Sunday omitted the first name of fellow artist and friend Donnie Day Pomeroy.

Correction published 3/12/2013: Opinion: Detroit has $14 billion in long-term debt, the servicing of which requires nearly a third of what the city collects in taxes. The population of Detroit is the smallest it has been since 1910. Both were misstated in a Jack Kelly column Sunday.

Correction published 3/11/2013: Page One: The first four paragraphs in a story Sunday about the "revolving door" between jobs in state government and the oil and gas industry were incorrectly reported. The leading anecdote to the story recounted how a woman from Bradford County said that a state Department of Environmental Protection inspector who had tested her water well for contamination from a nearby Marcellus Shale gas well had quit to take a job with the gas well drilling company. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette did not independently verify her claim and has subsequently learned that it was inaccurate. The inspector did not take an industry job and still works for the DEP.

Correction published 3/10/2013: Page One: Marine Staff Sgt. Jason Torres is an airframe mechanic and graduated from Center Area High School in Monaca, now Central Valley High School. He is not applying for a Stafford loan. His wife, Kylie, is not a native of Aliquippa. A story Saturday about military tuition aid had an incorrect job description and location for the high school.

Correction published 3/10/2013: Page One: Adam Lyons, founder of Austin, Texas-based Insurance Zebra, is a graduate of Temple University. The school was incorrectly identified in a story about venture capital investment in today's early editions.

Correction published 3/10/2013: Section A: In a Saturday story about the ongoing FBI probe of funds flowing through the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Pittsburgh Controller Michael Lamb was asked how officials at the police bureau missed the diversion of funds to an unauthorized account for several years. The story incorrectly presented the question to make it sound as if Mr. Lamb were commenting about his own responsibility in detecting the fraud.

Correction published 3/10/2013: Arts & Entertainment: Today's TV Week focuses on CBS's "Vegas" because the network planned to return it to the air on Tuesday. But CBS announced on Thursday that it had changed its schedule -- after TV Week had been printed. Instead, CBS will keep cop drama "Golden Boy" in the 10 p.m. Tuesday time slot, moving "Vegas" to 9 p.m. Friday beginning April 5.

Correction published 3/8/2013: Opinion: Fistulas -- holes in the vaginal canal -- due to traumatic birthing deliveries can cause paralysis and infections in mothers. They do not endanger babies as stated in an op-ed piece Thursday.

Correction published 3/8/2013: Portfolio: The Web address for the site regarding millage rates within Allegheny County is An incomplete address was given in Brian O'Neill's Thursday column.

Correction published 3/7/2013: West Xtra: Principals, psychologists and the curriculum and pupil services directors are the Act 93 employees in the Carlynton School District. The job classification was incorrectly defined in last week's school news.

Correction published 3/7/2013: Page One: Cardinal Francis George of Chicago was misquoted in two sections of a story Tuesday about the conclave of cardinals at the Vatican. In the first instance, a paragraph containing a partial quote from the cardinal should have read: The church's response to sexual abuse "will be an important issue. It certainly is on the minds and hearts of many of us." In the second instance, another paragraph including another partial quote from the cardinal should have read: Sexual abuse by clerics "sometimes has not been addressed as it should have been by the Catholic bishops ... That is a terrible wound in the body of the church. It has to be looked at."

Correction published 3/7/2013: Business: A list published Friday of applicants for future rounds of funding for a Department of Energy program encouraging the design and commercialization of small modular reactors was incorrect. It should have listed Westinghouse, Holtec International Inc. of Marlton, N.J., and NuScale Power of Portland, Ore.

Correction published 3/6/2013: Local News: Red's Ringside Cafe in Beltzhoover has no telephone, according to owner William Davison. A story Friday about a shooting near the tavern said a telephone there had been disconnected the previous day.

Correction published 3/6/2013: Sports: A photo of University of Pittsburgh quarterback Chad Voytik was incorrectly identified in some editions Tuesday.

Correction published 3/4/2013: Page One: Michael Tarr is co-director of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition. His title was incorrect in an article Sunday about Jane Austen and a brain imaging study.

Correction published 3/3/2013: Section A: Pittsburgh police Sgt. Dominick Sciulli was Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's bodyguard at a Stanley Cup Finals game in Detroit. A story Saturday about expenses incurred by the mayor's bodyguards placed them at the wrong event.

Correction published 3/2/2013: Sports: Bethel Park High School junior Megan Marecic, a 5-foot-11 guard, has not committed to a college. A story published Friday in Varsity Xtra incorrectly said she had made a decision.

Correction published 3/1/2013: Food & Flavor: Sister Rose Marie Tumicki's Ruby Jubilee Brownies should be made with 4 ounces, or 4 1-ounce squares, of chocolate. The amount of chocolate was incorrect in the recipe published Thursday.

Correction published 3/1/2013: Obituaries: Joseph W. Krotec's obituary appeared in the Post-Gazette on Thursday. The headline on the obituary contained the wrong first name for Mr. Krotec.

Correction published 2/28/2013: North Xtra: A fundraising event was held last weekend for 9-month-old Marc Curry of Hampton, who was born with Down syndrome and has been diagnosed with leukemia. His age was incorrect in last week's story.

Correction published 2/28/2013: West Xtra: An on-demand shuttle service for commuters who work in the vicinity of Robinson Town Centre is free. A story last week incorrectly reported that a Port Authority transfer receipt was necessary to ride the shuttle.

Correction published 2/28/2013: Page One: State Attorney General Kathleen Kane has discussed Pennsylvania's voter ID law over the past several months; she has not made a statement on its constitutionality. A headline Wednesday incorrectly implied that she had made such a statement.

Correction published 2/28/2013: Page One: In Friday's story on the Allegheny County Airport Authority's shale gas drilling contract, an incorrect time period was given for when council member Barbara Daly Danko received a memo from Director of Legislative Services Jared Barker. Ms. Danko talked to Mr. Barker over the weekend but received his memo on Tuesday.

Correction published 2/28/2013: Arts & Entertainment: In Wednesday's story on Jerry's Records swapping a 78 record for a drawing by Robert Crumb, the headline incorrectly referred to the Bogus Ben Covington record as an LP. Jerry Weber is 65; his age was incorrect. The last name of Jerry Zolten was spelled incorrectly.

Correction published 2/27/2013: Opinion: John O. Brennan has been President Barack Obama's chief adviser on counterterrorism for four years. The number of years was misstated in an op-ed article published Feb. 12.

Correction published 2/27/2013: Opinion: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told the Senate that President Obama had "directed both myself and [Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff] to do everything we needed to do to try to protect lives there" when told of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. A Jack Kelly column published Sunday said Mr. Panetta had testified that the president had "left it up to them" whether to respond.

Correction published 2/26/2013: Arts & Entertainment: Sewickley Academy is performing "Mame" March 7-9. A list of upcoming high school musicals Sunday gave the wrong information.

Correction published 2/25/2013: Local News: In Sunday's information graphic about the federal investigation of the city police, none of the people whose names appeared under the headings "Pittsburgh Bureau of Police" or "Greater Pittsburgh Police Federal Credit Union" was personally subpoenaed except where specifically noted. The police bureau and the credit union received subpoenas compelling them to turn over records to investigators.

Correction published 2/24/2013: Opinion: Letters to the editor. The Feb. 17 Issue One letter by Laurette Cribbins ("Wuerl's Wisdom") contained an editing error. The letter should have read: "Pope Benedict XVI recently proclaimed, 'Carpe diem.' " That should have been followed by the letter writer's comment, "Change you, the only one you can change."

Correction published 2/22/2013: North Xtra: A fundraiser from 5 to 10 tonight in the Pittsburgh Millhouse Grill is for 9-month-old Marc Curry. His age was incorrect in Thursday's editions.

Correction published 2/22/2013: Sports: The Philadelphia Flyers won two playoff games at Consol Energy Center during their series with the Penguins last year. A story Thursday gave an incorrect number.

Correction published 2/21/2013: West Xtra: RAT LLC paid $70,000 for property in Oakdale from Best Feeds & Farm Supplies Inc. RAT LLC paid $80,000 for a quarter-acre property and house at 112 Union Ave. Incorrect purchase prices were published last week.

Correction published 2/20/2013: Page One: The first name of former Washington County District Attorney Steven M. Toprani was misspelled in a photo caption Tuesday accompanying a story about him being hired to review some Pittsburgh police policies.

Correction published 2/20/2013: Page One: A police bureau employee who appeared to have signed a withdrawal slip for $4,000 from the Greater Pittsburgh Police Credit Union in 2009 declined comment Monday night. The word "declined" was inadvertently dropped from a Tuesday story.

Correction published 2/20/2013: Business: TechShop, a nationally renowned workshop and fabrication studio, will open its first Pennsylvania facility in Bakery Square in Larimer on March 2. A story Sunday gave an incorrect neighborhood.

Correction published 2/20/2013: Arts & Entertainment: A story Tuesday about the exhibit "Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936" gave an incorrect hometown for University of Pittsburgh track star John Woodruff. He was born in Connellsville

Correction published 2/20/2013: Arts & Entertainment: In a Sunday feature on the Carnegie Mellon University Entertainment Technology Center, the Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) was incorrectly identified. TATRC is a program within the United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, the medical research arm of the Department of Defense.

Correction published 2/19/2013: span style="font-weight:bold;">Local News: Two people injured Friday night in a fire in Young Township, Indiana County, were misidentified in a brief on Sunday. The last name of Brian Shunk and the relationship of his stepson Dominic were given incorrectly.

Correction published 2/19/2013: City Calendar: Walter Jarosh will be the instructor for the workshop "Winter Tree ID." Another instructor was listed in yesterday's editions

Correction published 2/18/2013: Arts & Entertainment: The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra gala concert with Yo-Yo Ma will be Sept. 27. An incorrect date was published in two articles Sunday.

Correction published 2/17/2013: Local News: In a story in Saturday's editions about Bigfoot, the name of the Patterson-Gimlin film shot in 1967 was spelled incorrectly.

Correction published 2/16/2013: Arts & Entertainment: Film journalist Kirsi Jansa, whose "Gas Rush Stories" documentary screening by Pittsburgh Filmmakers on Feb. 20 was featured in a magazine story Friday, is a native of Finland. Her nationality was incorrectly listed in the story.