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Columnists Dennis Roddy

 State of the unions (1/9/1999)
 Impeachment boosts economy (12/26/1998)
 Capitol offenses (12/19/1998)
 A ringing endorsement (12/12/1998)
 Public crowing came too soon (12/5/1998)
 Itkin ponders his next move (11/28/1998)
 Not waiting to exhale (11/21/1998)
 Law takes U.S. from land of opportunity to fortress against immigration (11/14/1998)
 Klannish no more (11/7/1998)
 Prophet & lost statements (10/31/1998)
 Pinochet arrest long overdue (10/24/1998)
 Ashamed, he fled the KKK (10/17/1998)
 Compassion being razed (10/10/1998)
 Columnist Dennis Roddy: Brutal police? Enhanced tape casts doubt (10/3/1998)
 Columnist Dennis Roddy: Debt comes early, often (9/26/1998)
 World rule from N. Side (9/19/1998)
 Deadbeat dad still on the run (9/12/1998)
 Currency crisis with a face (9/5/1998)
 County clowns control our tax (8/29/1998)
 Plagiarize? Not this columnist! (8/22/1998)
 Birdwatcher's guide to D.C. (8/15/1998)
 Republocrats rule Pa. roost (8/9/1998)
 Edie hits a high note (8/1/1998)
 Our democracy takes a bullet (7/25/1998)
 Has Sparrow taken wing? (7/18/1998)

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