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 Honor among thieves (11/6/2005)
 When religion is a litmus test (10/30/2005)
 Meet Mr. Serious (10/23/2005)
 For the love of Bog (10/16/2005)
 When justices should legislate (10/9/2005)
 Power outage (10/2/2005)
 Must celebrities save the world, too? (9/25/2005)
 Running on empty (9/24/2005)
 Throwing 'em a curve (9/18/2005)
 A memorial for the dead who have no name (9/17/2005)
 Hysteria 101 (9/11/2005)
 A fertile crescent of intolerance (9/10/2005)
 The president from Mars (9/4/2005)
 Finding out Mom's job was making history (9/3/2005)
 Letting the spirits move you in Lily Dale (8/28/2005)
 Remembering on the Plains of Abraham (8/27/2005)
 Park it (8/14/2005)
 Sometimes, vacation means just goofing around (8/13/2005)
 The IRA packs up its troubles (8/7/2005)
 It's August, so here's the obligatory vacation column (8/6/2005)
 Labor's love lost (7/31/2005)
 A lawyer sheds his defenses after fighting the good fight (7/30/2005)
 Lake effect (7/24/2005)
 Contact wedding, no-touch marriage (7/23/2005)
 Sinners in the hands of an angry mob (7/17/2005)

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