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 Detangling Downtown bus traffic just may defy good intentions (10/20/2013)
 Opportunities abound here, if we're smart (10/17/2013)
 Crazy UPMC case seeks to latte it out of paying taxes (10/13/2013)
 Joan Orie Melvin should be in a sorrier state (10/10/2013)
 Stats Geek / Brian O'Neill: Pirates' best move with Alvarez is no move (10/9/2013)
 Part-time profs treated like they're a lowly class (10/6/2013)
 Edge rests with Pirates in wild card (10/1/2013)
 Remember the 1903 Pirates and the first World Series (9/29/2013)
 Wipes are making one monster of a mess (9/26/2013)
 Reassessment appeals rearrange tax benefits (9/22/2013)
 What a difference a day makes, at 21,000 (9/19/2013)
 State's official denial of gay marriages is divorced from reality (9/15/2013)
 Quiz: How many public crooks are there? (9/12/2013)
 Respectable Bucs question: What's next? (9/5/2013)
 Old Westinghouse atom smasher may have future as classroom (9/1/2013)
 Miley's twerks highlight crude era of jerks (8/29/2013)
 A insider's tale of Harrisburg's long, strange trip  (8/25/2013)
 Trial balloon for Highmark-UPMC stalemate (8/22/2013)
 Good grief, are we ready to put our faith in Bucs? (8/18/2013)
 UPMC, Highmark in need of intervention (8/15/2013)
 Just a little profit derived from Highmark, UPMC health care ad duel (8/11/2013)
 That rat has the run of the house (8/4/2013)
 The American story of immigration (8/1/2013)
 New Klavon's ice cream parlor continues Pittsburgh tradition with fine taste (7/28/2013)
 Police should dwell on benefit of city living (7/25/2013)

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