'The Sound of Things Falling': A stunning novel about human repercussions of Colombia's drug war (8/4/2013)
 'Light of the World': James Lee Burke's portable evil (8/4/2013)
 T. Colin Campbell says health care ignores benefits of nutrition knowledge (7/29/2013)
 Books for Young Readers: An alley cat with all of the answers (7/29/2013)
 Matt Bell's nightmare on dirt street  (7/28/2013)
 Rawi Hage's 'Carnival': One is the loneliest number (7/28/2013)
 'I Wear the Black Hat': Chuck Klosterman asks what it means to be a villain  (7/28/2013)
 Books for young readers: A young frog finally finds a fight (7/22/2013)
 'All the Great Prizes': John Hay, a man for all seasons (7/21/2013)
 'Christian Nation': Consider yourself warned (7/21/2013)
 'The Faraway Nearby': Rebecca Solnit explores how pain can shape a life (7/21/2013)
 Book review: 'This Town' takes a fun poke at D.C.'s haughty in-crowd (7/17/2013)
 Karen Joy Fowler's novel 'We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves' is a disturbing morality tale (7/14/2013)
 In 'The Good Nurse,' Charles Graeber chronicles how a serial killer may have slain up to 400 patients (7/14/2013)
 Book Review: 'Blind Man's Garden' shows travails of a confused nation through one family's grief (7/10/2013)
 Book review: 'Counter Clockwise' details quest against aging (7/8/2013)
 Book review: 'All Natural' a skeptics journey (7/8/2013)
 New book takes potshots at Wyatt Earp (7/7/2013)
 Exquisite artistry exhibited in 'We Need New Names' (7/7/2013)
 An exceptionally well-written thriller comes to life in 'Visitation Street' (7/7/2013)
 Book Review: 'Looking for Me' finds a strong Southern heroine (7/3/2013)
 Children's Corner: Sarah Dessen keeps counting her lucky stars (7/3/2013)
 Book Review: These tales offer mysteries to solve (7/2/2013)
 Book review: 'Gettysburg: The Last Invasion': clear, compelling, comprehensive  (6/30/2013)
 Book reviews: Tales of two big American cities (6/30/2013)

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