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'Thanksgiving' by Michael Dibdin

Mystery Roundup: ‘Thanksgiving’

Sunday, April 15, 2001

By Bob Hoover, Post-Gazette Book Editor



By Michael Dibdin

Pantheon Books


Michael Dibdin is another accomplished writer whose previous novels include the clever and exotic Aurelio Zen mysteries. Now he tries his hand at a more conventional tale of love and grief.

And, while it’s conventional, it’s hardly believable. Britisher Anthony meets American Lucy on a plane trip, and she turns out to be the sexiest woman in the U.S. of A. Happens all the time. In no time, they’re in the sack.

Tony moves in with Lucy in Seattle and enjoys a sex-filled, soulful idyll until she’s killed in a plane crash. He embarks on a bumpy ride of grief, which includes a visit to her ex-husband, Allen, a drugged hermit living in a junk-filled trailer in Nevada.

Tony plans to kill the guy with a newly purchased gun, but is too drunk. He winds up selling it to Allen and leaves. Of course, Allen turns up dead, and Tony’s the prime suspect.

He flees to his family’s summer home in France where he’s visited by Lucy’s adult daughter and her son. Grief is assuaged as the trio attempts an American-style Thanksgiving dinner.

Other loose ends are tidied up, making the whole healing process a neat and clean operation, but leaving the unanswered question -- “What was the point?”

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