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Dinosaur Safari: Here's your list of dino destinations. Happy hunting!

Sunday, July 27, 2003

In Pittburgh's own version of "Jurassic Park," the Carnegie Museum of Natural History project known as DinoMite Days has reintroduced dinosaurs in the region.

Herbivore or carnivore, these dinos are of the man-made variety and decidedly viewer friendly.

Three types of base dinosaurs -- T. rex, Stegosaurus and Torosaurus -- are being reimagined by everyone from professional artists to school children and placed throughout the city and its suburbs. Some appear in herds, some are singular (as in Shaler and Squirrel Hill).

We've heard from many readers who are eager to hunt the DinoMite Dinosaurs with the aid of a list or map and we're offering this online version of the package and Dinosaur Safari game on the cover of today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sunday Magazine cover.

Click to download a 3.27MB graphic showing the front page of the Sunday Magazine in .pdf format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download from Adobe

More dino doings:

Post-Gazette dinosaur has just the right type

Dining with dinos: Pack a prehistoric lunch for the hunt! Plus, dino cookie cutouts.

The numbers below correspond to the map presented in the 3.27MB .pdf file you can download from the links in the box to the right of his article. Some of the footprint icons on that map represent dinosaurs in "herds" that are grouped by geographic proximity, others are loners in their area. Dinosaurs are then listed by name and, in parentheses if it's not part of the name, type of base dinosaur, followed by artist and site. For a list that includes sponsors, visit the DinoMite Days Web site,

As of last week, 89 of 100 planned dinosaurs were in place. Only one dinosaur had not been claimed by a sponsor or artist. (A list of the 11 dinosaurs that are unplaced as of today and their status appears on this page.)

Dinosaurs may be moved for events or repairs at any time, so revisit a site if one or more dinosaurs are absent.

At the end of the public display period, sponsors will donate their dinosaurs back to DinoMite Days for auction. These dinosaurs will join several others that will be auctioned on Oct. 18. Sponsors select a beneficiary to receive a percentage of the proceeds from the donated dinosaurs. Remaining proceeds benefit Carnegie Museum of Natural History's public and educational programs.

The next day, the dinosaurs will be dispatched to the Pittsburgh Convention Center for a final public viewing before they go to their new homes.

With all that background in mind, here's our dinosaur roundup:

North Shore

1. Splat-o-Saurus (T. rex), Chuck Dill, Heinz Field, Gate A (will be installed this week)

Where are they?

Of the 100 planned dinosaurs, 11 were not yet in place as of Jul 27.
Here's their status:

1. Typosaurus, by artist Emily Escalante and sponsored by the Post-Gazette, will be installed alongside the State Office Building at Commonwealth Avenue. Watch the Post-Gazette and for an installation date.
2. Splat-O-Saurus, by artist Chuck Dill for the Steelers, will be installed this week.
3. What's for Dinner?, a Foraxis Design for Giant Eagle, is scheduled to be installed along the North Shore River Walk.
4. Shaggy Recyclesaurus, by artist JoAnna Commandaros for Nova, not completed.
5. Fleetwood, by artist Alan DePaoli, not sponsored and not in place.
6. DINERsaur, by artist Paul Farinacci, not sponsored and not in place.
7. World Affairs sponsor, not completed.
8. Urbanasaurus, by artist Meredith Young for the Urban League, will join the festivities of the Urban League Convention before being brought to its permanent spot July 31 near the Westin William Penn Hotel, Downtown.
9. Children's Museum, not completed.
10. Duquesne University, not completed.
11. One Stegosaurus awaiting an artist and sponsor.


2. Toyosaurus (Toros-aurus), Renee Dupree, Isabella Street, one block from PNC Park (sponsor TBD)

Schlumposaurus (Stegosaurus), Laura McLaughlin, PNC Park picnic area, near Center Field

Go Bucs (Torosaurus), Burton Morris, PNC Park, Center Gate

Geniusaurus Rex (T. rex), Astorino Team, PNC Park, Center Field Gate

3. Liberty (Stego-saurus), Burton Morris, Andy Warhol Museum parking lot, E. General Robinson and Sandusky streets

Point State Park

4. Pre-Hysteric Fillet (Torosaurus), Foraxis Design, Point State Park (sponsor TBD)

The Baron in the Trees (Torosaurus), Bridget Parris, Point State Park, Monongahela side (sponsor TBD)

PPG TyranAQUARIUM Rex (T. rex), Elizabeth Mesa-Gaido, Point State Park, Monongahela side

Stanwix & Liberty, Downtown

5. Dolly Dollarsaurus (Torosaurus), Dollar Bank/Dymun & Co., Faith Gallo Garden, Stanwix Street at Liberty Avenue

Neurosaurus (Stego-saurus), Mike George, Faith Gallo Garden

Primal Cuts (Torosaurus), Michael Hill, Faith Gallo Garden

Gateway Center/Fifth Avenue Place, Downtown

6. Dinosurgeon (T. rex), David Seaman, #4 Gateway Center, Liberty Avenue & Stanwix Street

Neighborsaurus (I Love You) (T. rex), Family Communications, Gateway Center, Penn Avenue entrance

Anthropomorphisaurus (Stegosaurus), Michael Lotenero, #3 Gateway Center, Penn Avenue between Stanwix and Commonwealth

Dino-copia (Stegosaurus), Holly Cummings Wood with Children from Arts & Literacy Connection/Boys and Girls Club, Gateway Center at Stanwix Street

7. Fredosaurus Rex, Karen Howell, Fifth Avenue Place, Liberty Avenue at 5th Avenue

Market Square, PPG Place and nearby, Downtown

8. Lost Pittsburgh (Stegosaurus), Shirley Yee, Market Square, Market Street between Fourth and Forbes

Jurassic Jewel (Steg-osaurus), PPG Place, Market Street at 3rd Avenue

9. Mr. Dig (T. rex), Glennis McClellan, PPG Plaza, Market Street at 3rd Avenue

Historapod (Stegosaurus), Chris Smith, PPG Place, Market Street at 3rd Avenue

Philipsaurus@PPG Place (Stego-saurus), Gary Mesa-Gaido, PPG Plaza, Fourth Avenue side

10. An Ecological History of Pittsburgh (Stegosaurus), Jonathan Kline, National City Center, 20 Stanwix St.

Cultural District, Downtown

11. Ketchupsaurus (Torosaurus), H.J. Heinz Co., Heinz Plaza, 6th Avenue at Liberty Avenue

Amazing Hands (T. rex), The Children's Institute/Terry Draghi, Penn & 7th, across from Alcoa Parking Lot

Sign-O-Saurus (Torosaurus), Uniontown High School, Dominion Tower, 625 Liberty Ave.

PNC Plaza and nearby

Where it began

In the late 1990s, Chicago businessman Peter Hanig saw "Cows on Parade" -- more than 815 decorated cows -- around the city of Zurich, Switzerland. He brought the idea home and persuaded the city of Chicago to bring in cows from the Swiss company that created the Zurich cows.

That was 1998, and the idea has caught on in cities all over the country, using cows or animals that best represent the city or region. Besides the dinosaurs now dotting the Pittsburgh landscape, other cities and their decorative wildlife include:

Chicago, New York City, Houston, Kansas City and London -- cows
Baltimore and New Orleans -- fish
Buffalo, N.Y. -- buffalo
Cincinnati -- pigs
Lexington, Ky., and Rochester, N.Y. -- horses
Orlando, Fla. -- lizards
Rockland, Maine -- lobsters
Toronto -- moose
Washington, D.C. -- donkeys and elephants


12. Intrados: Pittsburgh's Urban Dinosaur (Stego-saurus), Lucia Aguirre & Anne R. Savage, #2 PNC Plaza, Wood Street at Oliver Plaza.

Plato, The Ellis School/Karen Kaighin, PNC Plaza, Wood Street at Oliver Street

Tea Rex, Amy Soich, #2 PNC Plaza, Wood Street at Oliver Plaza

Floro-Taurosaurus (Torosaurus), Lisa Rasmussen, PNC Plaza, Wood Street at Oliver Plaza

Fabosaurus (Stegosaurus), Jill MacKay, PNC Plaza, Liberty Avenue side near 6th Street

Nino the Crusher (Torosaurus), Rick Bach, Wood Street at 6th Avenue


13. DOT Dinosaur (Steg-osaurus), Anne Lopez, Liberty Center, 11th Street at Liberty Avenue

The Rise of Fossil Fuels (Torosaurus), Jamie Matthews, Liberty Center, 11th Street at Liberty Avenue

U.S. Steel Tower and nearby

14. Spectrum in the Shadows (Stegosaurus), Dav-iea Davis, U.S. Steel Tower Plaza, 600 Grant St.

I Want You (Stego-saurus), Burton Morris, U.S. Steel Tower Plaza

Dino-Morphosis (Torosaurus), Kent Frazee, U.S. Steel Tower Plaza

Shady Sideosaurus (Torosaurus), Shady Side Academy/Scott Aiken, U.S. Steel Tower Plaza

Renaissanceosaurus, Port Authority Creative Department, U.S. Steel Tower, platform level

15. George Washasaurus in the French and Indian War (Torosaurus), Barbara Anderson, Regional Enterprise Tower lobby, 425 6th Avenue (sponsor TBD)

Prehistoric Printasaurus (Stego-saurus), Judy Barie, Koppers Building, 436 7th Avenue (sponsor TBD)

Mellon Plaza

16. Troyus Hillosaurus (Stegosaurus), Cynthia Cooley, Mellon Plaza, Ross Street between 5th and 6th

T. rex VP, Dave Klug, Mellon Plaza, Grant Street at Oliver Street

Hill District

17. Jazzosaurus (Stego-saurus), Jorge Meyer with children from CMU Role Models program, 2012 S. Centre Ave.

Grant Street/Blvd. of the Allies

18. Creation Rex, Stephen Butler, Art Institute of Pittsburgh, 420 Blvd. of the Allies, Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Bill Dollarsaurus (Toro-saurus), Dollar Bank/Dymun & Co., 4th and Smithfield

Extinction? (Torosaurus), Raphael Pantalone, City-County Building, Forbes Avenue at Grant Street

Millosaurus (Stegosaurus), Jen Urich, Regional Enterprise Tower, 425 6th Ave.

Stegoflorus (Stegosaurus), Glenda Washburn, One Oxford Centre, Grant Street at 4th Avenue

Station Square

19. Hopper (Torosaurus), Evan Gealy, Station Square, Bessemer Court

Lunasaurus Lux (T. rex), Jason Gotsch, Station Square, Bessemer Court

20. Torn Torosaurus, Ray Geiger, Station Square, East Carson Street lot

Renewalsaur (Torosaurus), Andrew Klein & Mark Baugh-Sasaki, Station Square, East Carson Street lot (sponsor TBD)


21. Pittsburgh's Ticket to Culture Ticket-saurus (T. rex), Shaler Area High School National Arts Honor Society, North Hills Library, 1822 Mount Royal Blvd.

The Waterworks, Fox Chapel

22. Spectrasaurus (Stegosaurus), John Peter Glover, Fox Chapel Waterworks

East Liberty

23. Transitsaurus (Torosaurus), Joy Kolitsky, Penn Circle at Fifth Avenue

Prescience, Sandra Bacon, 201 S. Highland Ave. near Penn Circle (sponsor TBD)

Still Life, Gary Greiwe, 5880 Centre Ave., Whole Foods lot

Pittsburgh Zoo

24. Fentosaurus, Gene Fenton, escalator entrance

Torosaurus lepidopteron, Mark Klinger and Cliff McGuire with the students of Oakbridge Academy of the Arts, education center

Squirrel Hill

25. SEAWolfasaurus (Stegosaurus), St. Edmund's Academy, 5705 Darlington Road (dinosaur is on the Forbes Street parking-lot side)

Frick Park

26. Toroflorasaurus Carnegii, Greg Sandor, lower Frick, corner Forbes and Braddock (sponsor TBD)


27. Elementarysaurus (T. rex), O'Hara Elementary School, Landside Baggage Claim

Sparklesaurus a k a Sparky, Western Pennsylvania School for the Blind, Airside Escalators

Green Tree

28. Stegosaurus en Toile (Stegosaurus), Laura Wilson, Foster Plaza, Foster Road and Mansfield Avenue

South Side

29. Ghost Train & The Morning Climb (Stego-saurus), Ian Green, Carson and 12th streets

Alphabetsaurus (Torosaurus), Phillips Elementary School, Carnegie Library's South Side Branch, 2205 E. Carson St. near Birmingham Bridge

The Waterfront, West Homestead

30. Pittsburghius Architecturus (Stegosaurus), John Alexander, near Starbucks on The Waterfront shops' square

Pitt-sanky (Torosaurus), Rick Antolic, The Waterfront shops' square

Fossil Fuels (T. rex), Patrick Daugherty, The Waterfront shops' square

Bridgeosaurus (Stegosaurus), Michael Hogle, The Waterfront shops' square


31. Travel Torosaurus, Laura Seldman, Monroeville Mall, Monroeville

Cogitatio Aeterna, Glen Whittaker, Penn Center East, Penn Center Blvd. (between Rodi Road and Showcase Cinemas)

South Hills

32. The Burghosaurus (Stegosaurus), Patricia Calderone, The Galleria, W. Liberty Ave./Route 19

Bronzasuarus, Product Design and Development Group, Matthews International Corp., Bronze Division, 1315 W. Liberty Ave., left side across from tunnels


33. Flossosaurus (Torosaurus), Nicole Bernabei, 3506 Fifth Avenue.

T. reX Ray, Ashley Hodder, Fifth Avenue at DeSoto Street in front of Children's Hospital

34. Rubix-O-Saurus (T. rex), Gregory Kar-kowsky Schenley Plaza, University of Pittsburgh campus, Forbes Avenue (sponsor TBD)

35. Connections (T. rex), Patricia Bellan-Gillen, Car-negie Museum of Natural History, 4400 Forbes Ave., Oakland,Carnegie Library entrance (sponsor TBD)

36. Dino-Gold (Stego-saurus), Joseph Youss-Kadri, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, 4400 Forbes Ave. (Carriage Drive entrance)

37. Dino-Soar, Winchester Thurston School, Car-negie Museum of Art main entrance, 4400 Forbes Avenue

38. Florasaurus (Stegosaurus), Jennifer Zimmerman & Lauren Urbschat, Phipps Conservatory

Four-Seasons-O-Saurus, Elizabeth Keaning, Phipps Conservatory

Source: Staff members of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and

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Pittsburgh, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
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