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May 16, 2022
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Bon Jovi bounces charmingly into town

Thursday, October 10, 2002

By Ed Masley, Post-Gazette Pop Music Critic

One man paraded through rush-hour traffic in his wife's bikini and a well-placed sock to win his wife an invitation to Bon Jovi's afternoon performance yesterday at Station Square.

Jon Bon Jovi takes a question from the audience during yesterday's noontime concert at the Hard Rock Cafe, Station Square. (Martha Rial, Post-Gazette)

And you thought chivalry was dead.

As Jon Bon Jovi told the Hard Rock Cafe crowd, "I wouldn't do that for my wife for Mel Gibson."

And then, after hearing a detail or two from the husband, he offered a practical bit of advice.

"I wouldn't tell that story often," he said, with a flash of the grin that still drives women wild. "This is Pittsburgh. Real men live in this town."

Another fan wanted to know what brought the band to Pittsburgh the day after hitting the streets with "Bounce."

"You mean, in Pittsburgh, Pennsyltucky?" the singer asked, with a tip of the hat to old friend Norm Nardini, who likes to introduce himself on stage as being born and raised there.

It's because of all the friends he now considers "distant cousins" here in town, he answered with a shout-out to some local legends -- Donnie Iris, the Houserockers and Nardini, a longtime friend he jokingly referred to as "Norman Narducci."

When he wasn't fielding questions from the fan club with the charm that clearly played at least a small role in making him famous, Bon Jovi was leading the band in understated versions of some of their strongest material -- from hits as big as "Livin' on a Prayer" (which is actually better when it's overstated) and "Wanted Dead or Alive" to one that should have been a bigger hit ("Somebody I'll Be Saturday Night").

They also worked some songs from "Bounce" into the user-friendly mix.

Bon Jovi even talked about the dramatic effect the events of Sept. 11 had on the writing of "Bounce."

Three songs were written, he said, in response to the great sense of loss but also the sense of resiliency he felt back home in Jersey (just 8 miles away, he said, from New York City as the crow flies).

"But we didn't want to make a 9/11 record," he said.

After all, as he noted, "There were 364 other days in the year."

Ed Masley can be reached at emasley@post-gazette.com or 412-263-1865.

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