Paul Block, publisher
Paul Block Jr., co-publisher
William Block, co-publisher, 1942-1989
William Block Jr., co-publisher, 1990-2001
John Robinson Block
chairman, publisher and editor-in-chief
David M. Shribman, executive editor and vice-president
Susan L. Smith
managing editor
Tom Waseleski
editorial page editor
Mary C Leonard, deputy managing editor
Joe Pepe, president

The newspaper was founded in 1786 when John Scull and Joseph Hall brought a printing press from Philadelphia and set it up in a small shop in the village which was growing up around Fort Pitt. It is now the oldest newspaper in the United States that is west of the Allegheny Mountains. The newspaper has had many names and many owners over the years. Since 1927, the Block Family has published the Post-Gazette. Read more about the history of the Post-Gazette.

Mission Statement

To serve the community, our readers and advertisers as the region's indispensable source of news, advertising and information.

To partner with our customers in the design and implementation of creative, resourceful marketing to achieve their objectives.

Vision Statement

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is dedicated to the economic vitality of Southwestern Pennsylvania and the well-being of the region's people.

To that end, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette pledges its resources and the collective energy of its employees to journalistic excellence and the success of its advertisers. Integral to such achievements are the development of a talented, highly motivated workforce, a willingness to take prudent risks and the embrace of new technologies and change.

Corporate Values

Being the best we can be.
Customer and Market Driven
Knowing and meeting our customers' and market's needs and wants.
Having high ethical standards.
Encouraging change and new approaches through employee involvement.
Concern for Community
Commitment to the region.
Financial Strength
To secure the future of the Post-Gazette. The Block family's other holdings, under the corporate name of Block Communications Inc., include The Blade of Toledo, Ohio. To visit The Blade's web site, click here.